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  1. 1. Georgia, USA 2. Mainly heavy FPS lag. In the tavern/hub and larger maps is where I encounter most issues. At one point in the story the maps get much more complex and become nearly unplayable due to it. Once enemies start moving or there are many gems it gets to maybe 10 FPS and I just have to sit there and let my towers work rather than run around due to making me nearly sick. 3. Download: 38 Mbps, Upload: 30 Mbps 4. Anywhere between 30 mins- 3 hours. Now that the frame rate is so bad on story maps I can barely play more than 1 map before wanting a break 5. Not any lagging or rubberbanding 6. Wired connection 7. All modes/maps and even the tavern has frame rate drops Another note: I have the first released iteration of ps4, getting it 2 months after release. While age may be a factor, I can play destiny 2 with no lag so my hunch is the game's optimization.
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