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  1. If you use splitscreen with a controller and switch the tower builder to another controller you no longer get the 33% bonus even when he's in-game.
  2. A good start would be to post the patch notes a day in advance if you're going to fkin post them before a patch at all. Otherwise it makes your company look like a bunch of pricks. Surely this kind of reaction is warranted for a game that in no way impacts real life.:monk:
  3. Wait, for reals? As in, the shots fly along like piercing shot does, dealing full damage to everything in the path? This is a game-changer. Time to find an ornamental crossbow. Fire rate doesn't make much difference when you can one-shot entire lanes (or near enough). It still doesn't go through walls... but yes, it fired straight through two ogres in UMF when I tested mine.
  4. No idea what an ornamental crossbow is Balanced Crossbow Beautiful Boltthrower Classy Crossbow Elegant Crossbow Ornamental Crossbow Refined Crossbow Royal Sidearm Spiffy Crossbow ...etc.
  5. I submitted two crash dumps from tonight. I am crashing getting back into the game after I alt-tabbed out.
  6. If someone breaks a 6 hours grindfest into 1 hour blocks they have still put forth the same sum of effort and skill. I really don't understand how it can be perceived as easier, unless the deciding factor is how long the player(s) held the contents of their bladder and how little blood got to circulate through their legs. As I understand it, the "Survival" refers to the player's fictional character and their crystal, not about that player dying in real life from of a blood clot. Exploits: For Ranked, TrendyNet server stores a hash of the save and verifies it when restarting. Give the ha
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