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  1. Hi, I used to play DD1 on PC and loved it so I bought Early Access DD2 on both pc and PS4, I only use the console to play though and I never play DD2 bc of performance issues. My country is Germany, I have 25mb down, 2mb up, I don't know what rubberbanding is but I don't think lags were the issue. In every larger map I experience heavy frame drops also in the town. I used to play the story, using the motion plus feature of my tv to smooth out the stone-age 30fps standard but even with that I had to stop playing DD2 on the story map which is the dark night map Infront of a tavern or something where u have to defend two entries up and down. The fps went down correlating to the increased amount of npc until I just literally get sick of it and since then I have tried several times after several updates but it never got any better. Now you guys have another update the ancients that I'm going to try again but if nothing changed then this post will be the last thing I'll contribute to the whole experiment called DD2. Good luck u trendy people
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