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  1. Why doesn't trendy create a new difficulty that would require stats like these? RNG is already bad enough, what good would there be from a new difficulty?
  2. Supreme - 500, accessories, I'm not sure. Past supreme, accessories don't spawn to my knowledge. Ult - 600 Ult+ - 700? I don't know. Ult++ - Maybe 1000? 999? Something like that. Armor/weapon/pet doesn't change the stat cap, only the item quality does.
  3. I've found one on wave 14 before... >_>
  4. I'm not sure what's unintuitive about these stats, but here we go. Tower health increases the health of EV defenses. (should be obvious). Much like auras and traps, it determines how long Shock beams and Proton beams can last, and how much damage reflect and physical beams can take. Tower damage increases the damage of EV defenses (again, should be obvious). It also increases the multiplier applied to Reflect Beams for when the reflected projectiles hit an enemy. EV doesn't have a tower range stat. It becomes Shock Beam Reset Time on EV, and that's pretty self explanatory. 6 All fo
  5. I played it once on Insane HC, got a Supreme beard and Supreme boots. Decent stats on the beard, good but not spectacular, and the boots were pretty bad :/
  6. If you're running the game through Steam on Windows, that might be the problem. Dungeon Defenders has been updated a few times since then on Steam, and I'm not quite sure if the Linux version is up to date.
  7. These patch notes must be fake. They say they both made the map easier AND increased drop quality. If those notes are true, this marks the first time where they have done this, but its highly unlikely, as that is simply out of character for the direction of the game the past year or so. They didn't increase drop quality... They increased reward quality...
  8. I just got a Sup ACC today and went to upgrade it. Half way through the Upgrade one point cost 458,000,000,000. That is 458 million for 1 upgrade point. That is to expensive for even me. Now, I do open a shop at times, but even with 40 billion, I don't think I can afford to upgrade to many of those ACC's. My Barb alone has over 18 Billion in weapons and armor, and I suspect the rest of my Characters are close. So, 70 billion goes extremely quick if you start collecting those SUP ACC's. Mike. That's actually 458 billion.
  9. If you're using a controller to play with a friend, I can't really help you, sorry :/ But if you're just using it for AFK characters, there's a program you can use to simulate controllers... I believe it's in the guides section of the forums.
  10. Awesome! Where can I procure this (I assume download of some kind)! Do I need an xbox or usb controller? I'm guess then I could just bring in a few summoners of my own and increase drops..... haha provided I can survive the extra mob count solo :) You don't need a controller, actually... There's a tool that can simulate controllers, switching them around using I think the f1-f4 keys. It's what I use.
  11. The best looking items always have the weakest stats, it seems... :/
  12. Now, if we had a projectile speed bonus for range, that would help hitting enemies at a distance...
  13. Don't come back if you found the game too addicting before... it's even more addicting than ever! ... Aw... But I love this game! You should definitely come back. We have hot cocoa. Hot cocoa sounds good... Might have to come back then... I'll actually go get some now. I started playing again about three months ago and have not looked back. Some decent content has come out recently. Two new maps were added today to ranked that will be keeping many of us busy for awhile to come. I saw that a couple maps were added, and they definitely look interesting. I'll have to try them out
  14. It's been quite a while since I've played DD... I was actually thinking about coming back to play it again, but don't really have anyone to play with... I have ~2k stats on my builders, and ~1-1.5k stats on my DPS characters... Nothing too great, but it works well enough for NMHC survival and such. Was just wondering, should I come back? If so, is there anyone that wouldn't mind playing with me or anything?
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