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  1. i have done near 17 resets now and never spent more than 600k idk what your doing... just get mods Mods and camp relic will work till you get a random c7 STOP complaining everyone 1.3 mil is cheap compared to 5 mil jeez people never happy lmao
  2. My point was not that she needs to be meta but they made her a hero now she is a rock. rocks dont defend she just needs something to make her useable in higher floors i was on floor 340+ dryad is crap there she cant do anything nimbus is really all she had that could help. and i have tons of mods ive used on her her bees targeting now is not good for 3 bees per target you need to place down 10 bees per lane sometimes. i dont see why they keep her in the game if she is never played in the mod they want people to play the most - HINT HINT thats why they added ancient power and C8 amp and c8 shards. im using her as my main reset hero she works fine but with no mods or anything. im only on floors 30-50 now and she is fine but that health is so low. she does not need to be meta she just needs some targeting changes IMO
  3. Does anyone else feel like the dryad is way underpowered now? i know she needed a nerf. But she was hit with a boulder compared to what she was. So my point is i think that she deserves some kind of buff for her AI targeting or even a good Bee buff (nothing crazy) but something that can make her work well in high onslaught again. i miss her,
  4. okay it was just a visual bug i got my account back with all my settings still reset PHEW!
  5. my account is only allowed to play campaign now after this Hotfix. i was a chaos 7 player and all my setting and everything are reset!? whats going on? is this a visual bug or something wrong on my side ive restarted my pc twice this cant be happening!!
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