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  1. Lol we already made a joke about her being a trap. This is just hilarious.
  2. Ive only seen this glitch on this map. If it lags even a tiny bit you get phantom attacks.
  3. i still have yet to see any fix for folder support for controller users.
  4. notice the new patch has been up for a while also noticed folder situation isnt fixed for controller users i cant sell stuff if i cant go to change the price when im on controller i have a Name Ur Own Fair Price shop. and it seems i cant sell for a while Please fix?
  5. having issue. i use 360 controller when i play. love the new folders and all but i cant access/open the folders i create with controller. only keyboard. which is lame cuz i dont wanna back up to the main menu to join a keyboard user only to take out one weapon or pet then back out again to sign in with controller to play. plz fix =] oh and i still cant complete the portal challenge because it crashes everytime i do it. dont know why. been doing that since its came out. oh ps i love the new stuff =]
  6. This is trash. What the hell trendy dropping the ball big this time.
  7. didnt see it say anything about the whole autohiding problem. will that be fixed too or next patch?
  8. it takes longer than seconds if all but 3 games are actually games.
  9. Actually said blasticus wasnt completely upped yet.
  10. The highest up blasticus ive found is 146 but I saw one with around 200 and the guy swore up and down it was legit. This was on pc not console.
  11. Just about everytime i get online i use the xbox controller to play. its easier for me that way. But when i use the controller the chat function wont work at all...well actually all the keyboard functions dont work. I can't press m to drop mana i can't press g to start crystal. etc., and when i hit tab...i can't chat. Which really sucks because when someone tries talking to me...i can't talk back. And of course i get kicked because of it or they leave. It was wokring fine before the 7.11 patch came out. Would love to see it fixed so i can chat again =]
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