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  1. Eh, so, today I was talking to a friend about the price of Lumen because I wanted one. Just to point out my tavern's a mess, items literally everywhere, even inside the walls. But anyway, I just went and did a run of Ember hoping for an ult fenix(sad). And invited that person back to join. When the run was over and we went back to my tavern, he just pinged me to an area that I drop some valuable items including events I don't use (chicken gun I'm looking at you). And he just said "Hey, you got Lumen", I went there, only to find a renamed(I rename all of my items using a prefix and that Lumen had that prefix) Lumen spinning around. I was confused for a second trying to figure out how that got there. I went to my trace folder(everything I buy or trade, I take a screenshot), and to my big surprise, I had no file with Lumen. So I ended up with 2 possible scenarios: 1: I traded that, despite the fact that I'm dead broke(3 cvs) and just forgot to take a screenshot and I also forgot the fact that this trade occurred.(Highly unlikely) 2: Someone dropped it in my tavern. Anyway, I don't know who, why, or if it's possible to drop an event item on someone's tavern, but Thank you. I just hit my long awaited playtime milestone and this was perfect for me. xD
  2. DD for sure has been fun,now as far an fun memories go, I guess arguing with fandoms if fish in a bowl is a good DPS pet would be my most fun moment. As far as favourite memory goes then finally beating ember surv after 14~h of tries, the enjoyment and the feel of accomplishment I got back then that should be it. Thanks for the giveaway. Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/cupcakeluna/
  3. Hello, I just got around doing CR4 and I noticed a switch which reads "Switch Mode Rewards", anyone got any idea about this?
  4. Made this a while back, hope it counts. :3 1. https://steamcommunity.com/id/hinataislove 2. Events only. 3.
  5. Hello, since I missed the last event, I'm trading my traced Gaia's last gift for the last event's reward weapon Waterfall. (Ball Blaster is also welcomed)
  6. I'm trading a traced Gaia's Last Gift for Waterfall.
  7. **UPDATE 3** The game as of now is perfectly fine. I worked out the issue. Apparently the client didn't actually want to "Save" my "-tcp" command and that resulted in the game launching without that command. After I opened the client about 3-4 times and just inputed the command, it decided to actually save it.
  8. **UPDATE 2** Download finished, booted game, for like 2 mins, I could refresh and see games after the search was done(like 20sec) but I couldn't join or host. Right now it doesn't even find games.... Old install is now behaving in the same way.... Can't detect/join/host.
  9. **UPDATE** I tried reinstalling the game(maybe it works this time) and while I was waiting for the download to finish I was looking around and found an older version of the game I had as a back-up(not really old just about 3-4 weeks). I tried launching it and it connected, I searched for games, it timed out(no games found no error) so I went back and tried to make a private tavern. It took about 10-11 seconds and it made a tavern, I went back to lobby, refreshed and after like 10 seconds it showed a list of games. I can host/join games normally it's just really slow. I really have no idea as of what is happening xD
  10. Right click on DD on steam > properties > local files > browse local files > binaries > dundefconfig.exe Run the file, if it launches click on 2nd tab GFX/SOUND enable full screen and make sure the resolution is the same resolution as the desktop resolution(you can check desktop resolution by right click on desktop > display settings and scroll down 'till you see resolution. click save and try launching the game through steam. if it doesn't work, browse to binaries > win32 and scroll down 'till you find dundefgame.exe > right click > run as administrator. Hope I was able to help.
  11. Soo, hello, I was playing fine about ~5 hours ago but then I had to leave, so I finished my ember run, closed game and left the house(didn't turn pc off). When I came back I booted the game only to find out that I could find any games, I couldn't host public or private games under the error "failed to create steam lobby". And same thing happened to open as well. (note: I can connect to ranked with no issues I just can't do anything after that) I changed nothing to my pc, no win10 update happened and I kinda have no clue as of what to do now. Things I tried: Change the order of my adapters : I don't have hamachi or anything. Restarting game/pc/steam/router. Reset router to default settings. Validated DD files. Reinstalling DD. Restarting network adaptor. Turning Firewall off.(game is allowed in exceptions) Adding "-tcp" to my game settings/steam launch properties.(I use that anyway) Also tried removing it. I can connect/play other games just fine(Overwatch, DOS2, WoWs and Hearthstone) Running: Windows 10 Pro Any help is appreciated :)
  12. steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hinataislove/ Challenge Flames of Rebirth: A few thoughts, I LOVE this challenge, I think it's the most fun out of the challenges yet. Randomising the fenix spawn should make this more challenging?(well not really but you know..) The timer(fenix countdown thing I guess) didn't work for me after wave 1, it would get stuck at 25 on my screen and disappear when fenix spawned. I also had some issues with my mouse cursor when I was on summoner(doesn't happen on live server and never happened to me before either) but that's not something that affected the gameplay. I'd love to see more challenges like this in the future. Keep it up. :D Emerald city: Well, I couldn't make it past wave 1( I play solo and maybe I'm a dummy or something). Invisible ramps: check falling out/down/through the map: check teleporting: check assassin's creed gameplay: check non adjustable difficulty: check This map drove me crazy, my eyes hurt from that minimap and that annoying effect on the water. I really hope that I don't need to complete that map as well in order to qualify for the reward, I really don't wanna run this map again..
  13. I didn't find a solution to the SF emu but it appears that the TF emu from Mambo's guide is working.
  14. Congrats, it appears that you won this auction, please message me with your steam profile so we can proceed to the trade.
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