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  1. I absolutely had no issue with levels when solo. I joined someone's party and I ended up leveling up to 25 5 times xD
  2. Since the devs already checked the init post, I guess I might as well update it, but, this time with bugs. So Screen Flicking/Flashing: When you press R,Q,1,2,3,4,5 or Z and then press I,H,Esc the screen will flash white, which, is annoying. Throne Room Defeat: Every time I failed a run at throne room, I got these weird artifacts/bugged out gfx. Like shattered eternia crystal shards around the map that would appear when I move. I only noticed that on throne room and some way lighter version of this on deeper well. Levels Going Back And Forth: So let me just say this: I leveled up a total of 5 times to level 25 on the same char the past 3 hours, no idea what happened. On map restart or when going back to tavern my progress would go back to 24. Not Able To See People That Joined A Map: I mentioned this above too but after getting 2 replies both here and on steam reviews I though I was just stupid. But it turns out I'm actually not. I joined a game and I wasn't able to see the other person.(Attached screenshot) Chat Scroll Bug: Probably the most annoying bug I encountered so far(after the leveling issue). After chatting the chat won't scroll for any new messages. You have to press enter twice every time you wanna see a message.(Confirmed this issue by actually talking to the person I was playing with) Spawn Insta Kill: Not sure if this was intended or not but is annoying af. I mean, if you really don't wanna let people actually do something after re-spawning then why don't we have the option for HC mode? I could die before I even move my camera. Stuck Camera After Upgrading/Selling/Building/Repairing: Not sure how I describe this since I'm not really able to replicate it at will. But, it happens more often than not. After building for example(I have my camera "toggled" top view) the camera either won't come back to it's original position or take for about 2-3 sec to come back, else, I have to press sell or upgrade etc. Kobolds Getting Stuck On Crystal: Sometimes when kobolds go into boom mode(I would make a joke but people might get offended) they will charge on the glorious path to blow up the crystal only to get stuck underneath it. They won't explode or anything, they will just stay there unless they are killed. Maybe they get dazzled by the Eternia Crystal brilliance. Can't Invite to party bug: That seems to be an issue with me since I asked 2 people and they were able to invite me just fine. For some reason, I miss the option "Invite to lobby"/"Invite to party". Restarting both games, verifying game's cache, restarting computer, restarting steam, nothing helped. The option above "Invite to watch" does absolutely nothing. Just to clarify, I was able to join parties(both invite and public) and people to join mine through public. Last Map Stuck Enemies:(can't recall the name) During my campaign run I noticed that there would be at least 1 stuck enemy on a straight line(not behind an obstacle or anything, just in the middle of the pathway) each wave. The stuck enemies won't attack or react when I was near them or when shooting them. To be honest, I kinda felt bad. Double Jump Timing: I love you people for including this "feature" in this game. That would probably be my favourite thing alongside the Gunwitch of DD2. Sometimes, when I'm supposed to double jump, I suddenly don't. My char would do a boring single jump and fall. Seems to happen in 7/10 jumps. Well, that's all for now. I came across more bugs but since they don't annoy me or I can't replicate them I won't post them. I might actually update this if any dev actually checks this.
  3. Well, thanks for the reply, and, as I confirmed, I get nothing when I press esc. I verified game's cache and some files were missing, so I guess that must've been it.
  4. Hello, I started out this game recently(although I did say I won't support the devs, after seeing the amount of work put into this "copy"(as people tag it) I thought I might actually give it a go) and while I love it so far I found some "issues" that kinda annoy me. Huntress Clip Size: You just found this sweet crossbow, you equip and boom, 15 clip size. How about you include the clip size on the actual weapon window? Selling: Current selling options include 3 ways of selling: pressing "SELL" at the near bottom of the screen that sells the currently selected item(can't seem to sell multiple items this way, since you actually need to go back up and select the other item), pressing "SELL ALL" which sells all unlocked items and pressing right click>sell. It would be nice to have a way to select multiple items to flag for sell. Equipping Gear: Please, out of all things, add a preview window, I literally have to check my current gear before equipping anything, so, a change preview window would be sweet. Public Games: I would love to host public games BUT, I seem to miss the option to see people that joined, the ability to inspect them or the ability to kick them. Private Games That Aren't Really Private: On multiple occasions I had people joining my game while I was under a private party. I mean, yes it is a beta/early access but having to actually close the game in order to rehost is kinda annoying. Minimap: I played a bit too much DD and got way too used to the minimap(I know it's not a minimap but dunno what else to call it xD), and while I very much like its feel and look it kinda feels lacking. Highlighting spawns and items(upgrades) would be nice. That's all for now, I might update this with any other ideas, Thanks for the great job so far, keep it up! :)
  5. DD for sure has been fun,now as far an fun memories go, I guess arguing with fandoms if fish in a bowl is a good DPS pet would be my most fun moment. As far as favourite memory goes then finally beating ember surv after 14~h of tries, the enjoyment and the feel of accomplishment I got back then that should be it. Thanks for the giveaway. Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/cupcakeluna/
  6. Hello, I just got around doing CR4 and I noticed a switch which reads "Switch Mode Rewards", anyone got any idea about this?
  7. Made this a while back, hope it counts. :3 1. https://steamcommunity.com/id/hinataislove 2. Events only. 3.
  8. Hello, since I missed the last event, I'm trading my traced Gaia's last gift for the last event's reward weapon Waterfall. (Ball Blaster is also welcomed)
  9. I'm trading a traced Gaia's Last Gift for Waterfall.
  10. **UPDATE 3** The game as of now is perfectly fine. I worked out the issue. Apparently the client didn't actually want to "Save" my "-tcp" command and that resulted in the game launching without that command. After I opened the client about 3-4 times and just inputed the command, it decided to actually save it.
  11. **UPDATE 2** Download finished, booted game, for like 2 mins, I could refresh and see games after the search was done(like 20sec) but I couldn't join or host. Right now it doesn't even find games.... Old install is now behaving in the same way.... Can't detect/join/host.
  12. **UPDATE** I tried reinstalling the game(maybe it works this time) and while I was waiting for the download to finish I was looking around and found an older version of the game I had as a back-up(not really old just about 3-4 weeks). I tried launching it and it connected, I searched for games, it timed out(no games found no error) so I went back and tried to make a private tavern. It took about 10-11 seconds and it made a tavern, I went back to lobby, refreshed and after like 10 seconds it showed a list of games. I can host/join games normally it's just really slow. I really have no idea as of what is happening xD
  13. Right click on DD on steam > properties > local files > browse local files > binaries > dundefconfig.exe Run the file, if it launches click on 2nd tab GFX/SOUND enable full screen and make sure the resolution is the same resolution as the desktop resolution(you can check desktop resolution by right click on desktop > display settings and scroll down 'till you see resolution. click save and try launching the game through steam. if it doesn't work, browse to binaries > win32 and scroll down 'till you find dundefgame.exe > right click > run as administrator. Hope I was able to help.
  14. Soo, hello, I was playing fine about ~5 hours ago but then I had to leave, so I finished my ember run, closed game and left the house(didn't turn pc off). When I came back I booted the game only to find out that I could find any games, I couldn't host public or private games under the error "failed to create steam lobby". And same thing happened to open as well. (note: I can connect to ranked with no issues I just can't do anything after that) I changed nothing to my pc, no win10 update happened and I kinda have no clue as of what to do now. Things I tried: Change the order of my adapters : I don't have hamachi or anything. Restarting game/pc/steam/router. Reset router to default settings. Validated DD files. Reinstalling DD. Restarting network adaptor. Turning Firewall off.(game is allowed in exceptions) Adding "-tcp" to my game settings/steam launch properties.(I use that anyway) Also tried removing it. I can connect/play other games just fine(Overwatch, DOS2, WoWs and Hearthstone) Running: Windows 10 Pro Any help is appreciated :)
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