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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Lapiztf2/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jonny42
  2. Lapiz


    Stacking minions does not really give you too much of an advantage. Plus if you are referring to the spider and mage combo, they normally do not really effect your minion wall as far as placing them behind the wall for healing and extra damage. I would be perfectly fine with removing minion stacking, because it did not ever really benifit me. there is so much du and mu on maps that you should not need to rely on stacking any buildings or minions.
  3. Lapiz


    Still a bug no matter what you guys say, and I am standing by my word. If you disagree that is fine. I am aware that this will probably never get patched considering how many bugs they list in the patch notes.
  4. Wow literally none of the images worked and I spent an hour editing this. Please private message me what I am doing wrong, because so far I am only able to add text.
  5. I really enjoy having a forums, and not many games get to really share that. Which kind of makes us special. My main concern with the forums is navigation. Not to mention on phone or smaller devices, sometimes the forums break all together like in this image. Another issue with forums is having to log in again at really inconvenient times. I would add a video to this tread, but I can not because the link breaks every time. The little YouTube play button icon is a cute little guy, but it is not useful when it doesn't work. This can also apply to the image link. You will have to download the ima
  6. Lapiz


    Sorry I just wanted to help fix a bug that I noticed in the game a long while ago. I did have a feeling everyone would go against me, however this is all because of a bug that you rather exploit. I find it a bit immature how some of these responses are completely ignoring what I have to say. Because of losing how many seconds on your run? 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13. How can you guys become so restless that you insist on relying on a bug to help you with your builds because you are so incompetent. How can your only excuse be that you have been using it for a while, and you don't adapt well to change
  7. Lapiz


    I feel like Event items are a bit powerful in general considering they are not possible to get in game no matter how much you farm. I dont use them other than cosmedics for my pimped out medic summoner. I guess you can say that they set the absolute max stats you can get for weapons. These are obviously not balanced or ever will be, but with them you are able to BS the mana swirl mechanic using certain ones. The fact that on small maps with just the normal stone thrower weapon you can hit most enemies and by holding m2 you have infinite mana. The event item is even more effective at this, but
  8. Lapiz


    Tower stacking can actually save you some du which makes it basicly easier which already is a dumb thing. Not even wanna talk about the stupidness that you have to download scripts/macros to be able to stack lts (the most famous tower stacking after summoner). It can safe you a bit space and get you 1 lts more for example which already is a huge advantage cause they are just broken as hell. I think Lab really would need some changes. You can easily get some ult armor pieces after doing the map some few times with an emulator. You cna easily do it without putting any efford into getting t
  9. Lapiz


    It is a bit unfair to mention that the game is not skillful, I would like to see more players join. I would also like for the game to be more balanced, or what would the rules be. All good games have rules, and all good players recognize balance. There might not be a competitive scene any time soon or ever. I hope we both can agree that we want ranked mode to not be like open. And with that noted tower stacking should be on the open side, with all the other nonsense. Stacking is what started out as an glitch, but then turned into an exploit with scripts. Not all people use scripts to stack, bu
  10. Lapiz


    Hello, I would first like to address a few bugs. I will not be able to cover every detail of each bug, however I will try to not be annoyingly vague. So it has come to my attention that certain bugs have become norms/game mechanics now. This is not unheard of because some bugs were great amazing later on features to the game. Mana Swirling, Lab Assualt, and Tower stacking are not so great and amazing, these are somewhat game breaking and skillless exploits. Starting off with Mana Swirling we can see that maybe every mid tier user has heard of, or uses this "mechanic". For those that do not kn
  11. Snispy had modded items on his character because he thought they were event items and used them freely, and never was contacted by any admin. Back in the day people were hired as mods and could ban those that cheat, but this was often abused and so trendy put an end to mods, Snsipy was banned most likey from one of those mods. I am not saying he did not deserve it, but he is older and much more mature, he is 15 while 4 years ago he was 11, uncoiscious of what he was doing, i only ask for him to get another chance, Please help.
  12. He never got a VAC he only was banned in ranked mode, and Snispy wishes to play ranked mode again.
  13. Snispy has never used a Cheat Program, he just owned modded weapons dropped in his afk shop.
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