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  1. so we shouldnt get the chests, just have 1 person per crystal?
  2. My friend says that doing endless spires on insane is faster than glitterhelm insane. Is this true? Also is there a faster way to get exp than glitterhelm insane?
  3. if i get a giraffe from glitterhelm insane survival will it be better than one from like deeper well insane?
  4. is doing glitter survival on insane better than regular glitterhelm insane?
  5. So is doing insane glitterhelm better than insane survival on alch labs?
  6. So where would u guys say the best weapons come from? chests on maps, survival, or store?
  7. Glitterhelm is a pretty fast way to refresh the shop. And it also gives good items. Anything from Ramparts to Moraggo will yield better items in the shop. Do note that challenges don't give good item drops nor good shop items. Do you have a good setup for morrago, if so could u send it to me or post it here?
  8. What is the fastest way to get your tavern shop to have good items? I've been doing monster fest on insane and havent seen a single good item in my tavern yet, nor have i gotten a good item from the challenge itself. Can someone tell me the best way to find good tavern items, or just good items in general. Ps im lvl 70 on all characters, and have both dlcs. Xbox
  9. im going to be doing survival on different maps, i have a tower squire, dps huntress, tower monk, and a random apprentice. i would like to do the dlc map, but if someone doesnt have it ill uninstall it so tht we can do other maps together. my goal is to do survival for the pets, and money. message cheetah defence on xbl for invite.
  10. i want the best one you have of the crystal tracker and im looking for full tower spec armour if you have im very intersted gt is MH Panikk i dont have any super good ones right now. But im planing on getting some more on saturday the (12/3)
  11. yea but i dont have 10 mil to top that k i jsut sold the 99 tracker but i have one that had better stats at base. if u want it u can join my game to come see it
  12. nvm on guardian kk but did u want to buy the tracker?
  13. 3.5 for crystal tracker 99/5/38/27 if you havent sold it already i have an offer in for 10m. i can post a pic of it on the forums if anyone wants to see it for verification.
  14. I buy the huntress pet how much? please make an offer because idk how much its worth.
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