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  1. This occurs when your first node is too close to spawn (even though it lets you place it) or your 10th node is too far from your 9th node (again even though it lets you place it or is green).
  2. The enjoyment that I derive from the game comes from the puzzle aspect. How do I solve this unique lane? Let's say you get a lane with berserkers, cyborks, melee goblins, ranged goblins, and some throwers. The problem: I decide to start with three WM nodes and press g. The lane breaks. I notice that some mobs are walking through with full health. It turns out that the WM nodes hit their ten target limit and couldn't kill them fast enough before moving on to the next ten. Here are some solutions that are easy to understand without seeing them. Solution one: I notice that the berserkers move faster and reach the kill zone sooner. What if I put a slow between their spawn and the kill zone? This will buy time to allow the WM to kill the berserkers before the rest of the wave arrives. Solution two: I notice that the cyborks are extremely tanky. At 200m HP it would take 40s to kill them. What if I put down a bait trap to slow or stop their progression? Solution three: I know that throwers will stop to attack barricades. What if I place a barricade and reflect beam to the side of the lane before the kill zone? Throwers and ranged goblins will stop progressing to attack the barricade. Solution four: What if I could cc the tanky units for a long time and instead quickly kill the weaker units? I set up some relics that specifically target goblins to kill them quickly. This allows me to stay under the ten target limit. Solution five: I notice that the lane gets rather narrow at one point. What if I stack multiple cc defenses there. I might be able to jam up the lane by only preventing the few in front from progressing. In diminishing returns, none of these creative solutions will work because all mobs will eventually break through after about four seconds. There's no holding one enemy back while killing the other. The tankiest or fastest unit will always break through. The only solution is to build one cc combo and then build enough damage to kill it. It is neither elegant nor interesting. The nuanced gameplay of juggling different types of mobs is gone. The strategy will always be the same when diminishing returns makes all cc equal and any additional cc worthless. 1. Deploy any type of hard cc. 2. Identify the most difficult mobs to kill. 3. Use the correct relics to multiply damage against those mobs. For those who enjoy the strategy aspect of the game, engaging gameplay has been lost here. The thought process used to be: Q: Do I want more cc or more damage? A: Well what if I try solution one, or two, or three, etc. Maybe there is a puzzle here to be solved. Currently, the thought process is this: Q: Do I have cc yet? A: Yes / No Q: Do I need more damage? A: Yes / No My opinion is that diminishing returns should be applied to the same source or type of cc. This would allow complexity and creativity in combining different forms of cc but at a clear DU cost. This would reintroduce the thoughtful process of how it is best to spend DU. As a side note. I consider higher onslaught to be the point at which raw damage cannot overcome lanes within your given DU and mana constraints. This is different for each person according to their gear. This is what I would consider endgame and an enjoyable test of your problem solving skills.
  3. It's a bit of a stretch to promote "stunlock everything" as genuine "strategy". You're right, I would never promote "stunlock everything" as genuine "strategy" Are you aware that there is a ten target limit to all damage dealing defenses? In order to stunlock a mob, you would require three nodes to simultaneously hit it. Therefore, in a basic 80 mob lane you would need 24 nodes. Assuming you could place 24 nodes in sets of three without overlapping then you would need at least 3 WMs with 24 nodes totaling to 810 DU. All I can say is good luck with your other lanes.
  4. By nerfing the cc aspect of the game, Trendy has also nerfed the strategy aspect of this game. Before, when considering a unique onslaught lane, I would ask myself, "Which mobs are the problem? How can I take advantage of the lane shape and length? Where is the best place to put a kill box? Where is the chokepoint? Can I share defenses here with another lane? Can I build cc in a way that causes them to bottleneck? How much DU can I save in this lane by building less damage and more cc? How should I deal with slow immune mobs? What if I slow the others so I can kill the slow immune ones first so that I don't hit the ten target limit? What if I purposely do less damage to the slow moving lava dude so he doesn't die and instead stops enemies behind him from progressing down the lane so fast? How can I save DU on these Flyers that also fly over a ground lane? Can I cc both air and ground with the same defense? How much cc do I actually need? Should I use hard cc since Gnash is less resistant to stuns or should I use slows since Griblok is highly resistant to them? What cc will work against Bastille Master? What cc should I use against Yeti? What if they're both in the same lane? Should I use the stun fire shard? What about the oil spill shard? Should I use boost aura for bonus damage or to slow? Or a combination of both? Where should I place it? I could go on. Now, I only have to ask myself, "Which mobs are the problem? Do I have enough damage?" That's it. Choose the right defense and craft the right relic to deal maximum damage. Four seconds of hard cc from WM or some other stun combo plus damage. Is your lane leaking? Just add more damage. The unique physical characteristics of a lane don't matter anymore. Just add damage in the form of an aura or tower. Lanes could be rectangles of varying lengths and tower choice wouldn't change much. So why does it matter? High onslaught became more similar to campaign and mastery where it was less about gear and more about strategy. If you, as the reader, enjoyed those two parts of the game then you should know that diminishing returns has robbed you of that type of current or future enjoyment in high onslaught. If things remain as they are then high onslaught will only be based on grinding for highly specific gear with a demeaned sense of strategy. Oh, you can't beat a floor? Just leave, grind for better gear, and try again. Your cc build is already optimal so what else is there to try? That is the solution that diminishing returns is giving us. If you are pushing floors just fine then let me ask you, how much thinking is involved in your building strategy right now? Are you putting as much thought into your build strategy as was needed for mastery? Elemental builds are fun and I am having fun exploring them but the cost to the enjoyment of the game as a whole is too high in my opinion. My request to Trendy is that diminishing returns only apply to elemental combos until these issues are sorted out. To the onslaught climbers, I would especially appreciate your feedback. Thanks
  5. I have a question for those of you who are pushing onslaught floors. Are you using the automation shard? If so, what are you putting it in? I am wondering if I should work on getting it before trying to do floor 57 and up.
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