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  1. Thanks for your setup guide :) I tried the last days playing without dryard but didnt find a default setup without her. Do u have one?
  2. Armor buff sounds amazing :) but prestiging this new kind of hard collected stuff doesnt so
  3. @Jaws_420 quote: totally agree with this. Survival mode yeah... with maybe some pets after reaching 30 waves? i mean pets we have seen in dd1, maybe a giraffe, not the smooth birdies ;)
  4. i think if u donot like this shard, why do u play with it? For me as a casual player i really like getting healed over a huge range while playing c7 with barbarian. Sure, dryad is a little stronger than the others, so maybe the other heroes need a little more power? Plz donot change vicious strike as its a lot of fun to me
  5. ´╗┐Same here, got that 3 times today, wifi workes fine, but the game kicks me out with this message
  6. Thanks a lot. I didnt find this post with search function. After reading this, maybe my problem isnt softspot, the problem are 6 Berserkers with wall leech mutator and only a very short lane.
  7. Hello, What towers should i build for soft spot mutators? I just stopped playing the dryard for the barbarian and i didnt found something to replace beens and slimes. Thanks
  8. Now i was successful with floor 61, but it is always the same, floors gettin more and more difficult, so reaching higher floors become more and more impossible for me not having too much time.
  9. Oil shard for ballista isn't available atm !?
  10. Same today Trendy, Floor 61 Map 1 of 3 -> it takes 20 minutes Floor 61 Map 2 of 3 -> 35 minutes (one retry) Floor 61 Map 3 of 3 -> 15 minutes but no more time :((((((( Would you please help me.
  11. Hello Trendy, yesterday i tried Floor 61 again, but wasnt sucessful :( I reached the third map but had no more time for the last map... children went to bed.... after that... i tried again... but daughter didnt wanna sleep... i only had the time for my second try of map 1 :( Please Trendy help me, i loose the fun playing this way. Thanks
  12. I'm on ps4 so this afk prevention doesnt work for me ;) thanks. The game already saves your actual floor level, for me lvl 61. Is it such difficult to save the map status together with floor level, so for me lvl 61 - 2 of 3 ? So i could start lvl 60 - 3 of 3 the next time it is possible for me to play. This would be a great help for me. Thanks a lot TRENDY
  13. Hello, I really love this game. I am father of 2 children, have a job and a wife, friends and the need for some sleep and I donot always have too much time for playing DD2. I needed several times for winning Floor 60 because I donot have alwas the time to play for over 1 hour. I really enjoy and use the retry and reroll option, but after finishing 2 of the 3 maps with, let me say 2 retries/rerolls, i spend around 1,5 hours and do not have more time for finishing the third map. So I have to try and to try .... but with a family time goes by .... playing 2 hours and more without a break isnt possible for me. So please change the 3 map system ore let me save my progression. Thanks Spike
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