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  1. Maybe you are an European player? People from there did not get the last sales on ps4 etc. so no wondering about that
  2. They said that they will bring survival mode new maps new bosses new chaos tiers better pets more c8 ampules no c8 gear reset more defense rate and destruction shards after the holidays :)))))
  3. I already posted that ps4 got a little unstable with the drakenloard... Today again in incursion bling king wave 1 game freez when building a weapon manufacturer :(
  4. Where did / would u place your first 10/10 tenacy?
  5. I have seen juicebags building wm, Fa & lsa behind a reflect beam. So he used a 10/10 tenacy?
  6. So it would be great if we can manually increase difficulty in each separate chaos level.... Also including survival... The higher the level the more loot. So we would get back a little bit of learning curve. Also why don't make the drakenlord carrying loot, like goblins in Diablo? After his death he will bring us gold, medals, c8 ampules, boosts (more tower dps/range/ etc. Or 10%. more DU) for next. Map, or leaving most wanted shards....? So we would love his appearance
  7. think farming c1-3 and c4-6 would be more fun by manually increasing difficulty. Like it was in DD1. The higher the level the more loot we get. Also adding survival for special rewards! Like 10min higher defense rate/power or 10%more DU...
  8. Now I tried again. Game freezes [[98831,users]] European server wifi connection mastery chaos 2 by starting second wave gates of dragonfall
  9. After finishing a mastery map I always get a timeout, then 9009 error no matchmaking possible, then no more request possible. Cannot join private tavern. After restarting the game my login failes and I get the massage that there is no inet connection. I am on European ps4, all wifi settings fine... Works on every other game/machine. Restarting ps4 solves the problem until succeeding next mastery map. On onslought floor 79 I got 3 blue screen in 4 tries. Each time at another point.
  10. Blue screen in Europe after 5th wave having to retry before omega wave
  11. Same here. Lost temple freezes omega wave :((( and never ending loading screen after some maps. Game was very stable before patch, so please fix it guys before holidays :-()
  12. Maybe farming lower chaos shards and motes with the possibility to manually increase difficulty would be really fun: i. e. C3 + a button to increase enemy power level? Level 1 (adds bosses to every lane and double enemy damage/health) = one more shard of this tier and one more mote success ... level 3 (insane nightmare, several bosses each lane, 6x enemy damage /health) = 3more shards n motes this would be fine to new players farming gear the same as for endgame players, maybe with more levels....
  13. Frost freeze is just a rate shard and a rate mod. Together they completely remove the freeze. It always surprises me, that nobody knows this. Just a rate shard and mod? I don't understand what u mean :( Would u please explain it to me?
  14. Last time us got a sale but eu didn't, seems to be the same this time :(
  15. I would really love survival with better pets Getting defense rate and power not only low chaos tier Nightmare mode with unresetable c8 gear Better drop rate for the most wanted mods and shards More maps Something like a boss rush :)))))))
  16. Sale on European psn would be great! The last time it was only in the US :(
  17. Motivation for new players seems to be an equal issue than motivation for long time players (not for all, I know uzar :) More of the all wanted shards would me great. But farming c1 or c4 hours and hours isnt too much fun. Maybe we need a better drop rate for them, or the possibility for choosing shard levels after 4 wins in a row, or buying them directly, not in packs for real money without guarante of getting one. Additional motivation for long time players would be new chaos teers, survival mode, the old boss fights, new incursion mode for getting the special weapons, the jester, new maps like kings game or the old one with the spider. I hope trendy earn enough money with this free to play game so that they can continue their work for many many years realizing our wishes the way they tried to do all over l the last time.
  18. Only one map per floor was a great step forward. Doing resets is now a lot of fun, for me. I am at Ascension Level 8 so I cannot talk about omega waves, but we will get a solution for this! The idea about Omega Waves gives extra rewards and we can reach next floor without it sounds nice. No matter about memory problems at replay on lost temple. Don't forget: it's (almost) free to play dd2 (the 300 $ I spent was for my personal fun) and the game continues with more and more stuff. So please don't leave, take a break and we will have a lot of fun, when we get survival mode, chaos 8-12, new maps, the jester, boss fights,... We all know, we need some alternate endgame modes, as we have seen on DD1.
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