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  1. Don't u have enough c7 shards for upgrading? I just tried to buy some C7 shards but got the message, that this items aren't for trading...
  2. Wow thanks so much for material conversion!! What's the price for a c8 ampule and a single shard?
  3. Now I will increase my gold bonus and get more c8 ampules later with gold. Today I had time for 10 floors above 85 with no c8 ampule result. So frustrating.. Now I will go back prestiging. I hope DDA isn't this way. More than 100 floors above 85 an no c8 ampule? There should be a bad RNG protection for this, too
  4. So the last 3 weeks I did around 60floors between 85 and 88 and didn't get any c8 ampule.. I don't have more time to play.. And yeah.. 3 weeks with no success.. I love my bad RNG
  5. Is there such a big difference between C7 and C8? 52000 defense power vs. 66000 defense power isn't the same % from 1mil dps and 20 dps?
  6. Would u please post a screen with your shard stats and mods. Tried the same build with the mods and shards poster above, but I have only C7 gear, and got only 1mil damage per second :( So my defense is unable to kill any boss at floor 120
  7. Would u please post a screen with your shard stats and mods. Tried the same build with the mods and shards poster above, but I have only C7 gear, and got only 1mil damage per second :( So my defense is unable to kill any boss at floor 120
  8. What are your boost Aura mods and shards? Nice clip thx
  9. Well 750 would be fine for me, but iam sure it will be much more
  10. Well I got only one ampule within my 12 resets and my way now to floor 115. ONE AMPULE FOR AROUND 180 FLOORS !!!!! Fine for all of u having the luck and getting so many c8 ampules and talking bla bla bla no drop rate change is needed. This bad RNG and players who don't understand this are the imo the main reason why dd2 wasn't successful
  11. Thanks for your info, but back to my topic: It would be really fine if u get one c8 ampule every let me say 15 floors and after each reset?
  12. Why the jump from 85 to 88 and back? Not the same only farming 85? Is there a amule bonus with 4 players? Well 20 ampules sounds great in 10 hours. I Played 20 hours from floor. 85 to 112 now and only got 1
  13. So with end of dd2 comming slowly in October this year it would be really fine if u give us more c8 ampules. I am on floor 110 now and have seen exactly 1 c8 ampule. Thanks a lot
  14. I can see the end of dd2, and I am very very disappointed about that. The game was on a good way imo and announcements made me believe the game has a future.
  15. I was dreaming about survival mode, new chaos tiers, better multiplayer, a gear set bonus, nightmare mixed mode with propellor goblins, spiders and gins, a c8 ampule for each reset, farming lower chaos tiers with adjustable difficulty and much more material rewards and supporting dd2 with my monthly gem mine, but now I am a little confused about getting an email about dda Kickstarter without any news and plans for dd2, that I was so hoping for. Can only play on ps4
  16. Yesterday I opened around 300 (one complete monthly gem mine and thousands of defender medals) c4 shards and got 4 defense rate :(((((((( That's really bad RNG... So thanks for the upcoming changes
  17. Love your answer I'm on my way to this shard atm. 20 Matery Maps left to it. Mastery isn't as difficult as it was without mods. I think now it's really fun with a full loaded battery of towers.
  18. OK so thanks again for ur answer. Maybe sometimes we get a sale too
  19. Thanks for ur answer. So let me ask one last question: Is european psn and us psn some different platform? Because europe didn't get the 2018 sales which were provided in the us
  20. The game freezes on european ps4 different maps. Sometimes reroll on floor 95 and above, sometimes [[24117,users]] or incursion. Game music can still be heard, but screen is frozen. Maybe drakenlord freezes the hole game
  21. I already bought one of the packs, but would like another too. But we didn't get any sales on european ps4 for a long long time. So why? I asked this question several times but never got an answer :(
  22. I do not agree. Maybee WM has a lot of power on lower tears (same for Fa, lsa, cannon, etc etc etc) , from floor 80 especially [[316,users]] waves u need to get your main power somewhere else. Don't understand people asking for more nervs. Some time ago dryard was too powerful for some players. Than bees gotta (buggy) nerv after slim was nerved... so their defenses aren't useful atm :( Boosting other defenses it would prefer
  23. Thanks for update. On Floor 91 wave 5 of 5 1st reset game freezes at siphon Site d. european ps4 high-end wifi. Map has just finished loading and by jumping it git a freeze.
  24. This bug we have now for some time, so a lot of players don't use bees any more. Didn't read something about a fix I the near future
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