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  1. On 11/26/2019 at 12:29 AM, ArchaicLotus said:

    Wave 5 floor 346. My Sky Guards are so powerful because I use the with Earth Toss Earthshatter towers. Bees and Nimbus help with fliers since everything gets targetted. Floor 346 got melted. More pictures to come. Video will be my final floor.



    Hey lotus, 

    May u please help me. What shards / mods do u use for so much power? 

    My bees are max power 11. 0M damage, sky guard 8M damage. Omg

  2. I did my last mod reroll 2 months ago and today I had 286 materials for a 10 defense rate. 

    Today, I started rerolling again, on ps4, pressing x, after 10 tries i already got the lvl10 mod, but pressed  x again. My fault. But didn't get a lvl 10 afters spending 286 materials.

    So does it reset every time u get a lvl10? 

  3. On 9/21/2019 at 8:12 PM, playertt said:

    i agree only 1% or less should be able to complete it because the casual players who don't have the time to play 12 hours a day  because of work and other things don't deserve great items from the game  [ sarcasm  ]

    :gobmas: I think u should only be able to beat Betsy after a total game playtime of 10000 hours 

  4. Before we switch to DDA I would really really love to manually increase C7 difficulty. 

    Double difficulty = double enemy damage, health, speed? Or such things + double loot


    And so on... 

    What du u think? 


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  5. Omg it's a relic not a shard :queen:

    Last time had the same with shards and ampules. Getting older... 

    I bought 4 relics on the market, all have the same problem, primary Stat is C7, mod level is campain. That occurred after update. Upgrading this items is like a C7 relic, not like a campain. It's like u put a campain mod in a C7 relic, but I didn't. U can see the relic icon is campaign, stats @c7.

    Also I have the problem on european ps4, that after each map I have timeout and must restart the game. The bug about sold items returning to inventary is here sometimes, too. 

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