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  1. Well 750 would be fine for me, but iam sure it will be much more
  2. Well I got only one ampule within my 12 resets and my way now to floor 115. ONE AMPULE FOR AROUND 180 FLOORS !!!!! Fine for all of u having the luck and getting so many c8 ampules and talking bla bla bla no drop rate change is needed. This bad RNG and players who don't understand this are the imo the main reason why dd2 wasn't successful
  3. Thanks for your info, but back to my topic: It would be really fine if u get one c8 ampule every let me say 15 floors and after each reset?
  4. Why the jump from 85 to 88 and back? Not the same only farming 85? Is there a amule bonus with 4 players? Well 20 ampules sounds great in 10 hours. I Played 20 hours from floor. 85 to 112 now and only got 1
  5. Want Replay option like in dd2 Cross save and maybe play Survival mode Renaming full upgraded items Don't want High level Assassins So much time or borring replay of the same maps again and adgain for getting the most wanted things like mod reroll ampule, 10/10 tenac or c8 ampule, that was better in DD1 I think, more linear getting ur rewards Onslought as endgame but not multiplayer friendly
  6. So with end of dd2 comming slowly in October this year it would be really fine if u give us more c8 ampules. I am on floor 110 now and have seen exactly 1 c8 ampule. Thanks a lot
  7. Possible cross platform save sounds nice
  8. I can see the end of dd2, and I am very very disappointed about that. The game was on a good way imo and announcements made me believe the game has a future.
  9. It will be on nintendo switch by reaching 250000$ and on ps4 by 350000$? Maybe nintendo is supporting them On switch handheld @750p could be interesting seeing tower/gear stats properly. Maybe a reason for me buying a switch, when there is no/late ps4 support. Crossplay would be really nice
  10. I was dreaming about survival mode, new chaos tiers, better multiplayer, a gear set bonus, nightmare mixed mode with propellor goblins, spiders and gins, a c8 ampule for each reset, farming lower chaos tiers with adjustable difficulty and much more material rewards and supporting dd2 with my monthly gem mine, but now I am a little confused about getting an email about dda Kickstarter without any news and plans for dd2, that I was so hoping for. Can only play on ps4
  11. Index of / Name Last modified Size Description 2.htaccess 2019-02-28 14:29 120 Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at www.dungeondefenders.com Port 443
  12. Found The requested URL /2/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at www.dungeondefenders.com Port 443
  13. When I am in the dd2 section I also see the resent dd1 posts...
  14. Yesterday I opened around 300 (one complete monthly gem mine and thousands of defender medals) c4 shards and got 4 defense rate :(((((((( That's really bad RNG... So thanks for the upcoming changes
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