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  1. I think atm replay chaos 7 Maps doesn't work on european ps4. Game doesn't launch new map, so I have to quit and restart. Anyone else?
  2. I think u should only be able to beat Betsy after a total game playtime of 10000 hours
  3. Wow sounds nice. I tested today after 3 months of break. 4th round Bling King. There occurred cobolds after wave was finished. 4hits. Crystal down. Restart. Game freezes in round 5. Yeah!
  4. Maybe all defenses will get a massive nerv and additional bees aiming ability. So we have new endgame
  5. I thought only about 2/3/4/... times more pristine notes C7 Ampules Pristine citrine clusters Pristine tolen
  6. Before we switch to DDA I would really really love to manually increase C7 difficulty. Double difficulty = double enemy damage, health, speed? Or such things + double loot Triple... And so on... What du u think?
  7. Omg it's a relic not a shard Last time had the same with shards and ampules. Getting older... I bought 4 relics on the market, all have the same problem, primary Stat is C7, mod level is campain. That occurred after update. Upgrading this items is like a C7 relic, not like a campain. It's like u put a campain mod in a C7 relic, but I didn't. U can see the relic icon is campaign, stats @c7. Also I have the problem on european ps4, that after each map I have timeout and must restart the game. The bug about sold items returning to inventary is here sometimes, too.
  8. Something is wrong with my shards... Defense power @ C7 but mod Stat @ campaign?
  9. Same here about thread title.. Omg I am also interested in a c8 s-h-a-r-d list
  10. Now u can convert 325 C7 ampules to 1 C8 ampule, costs 1.5mil gold. But (atm?) u cannot trade ampules anymore
  11. Is it a bug or intended that materials and ampules cannot be traded anymore?
  12. Don't u have enough c7 shards for upgrading? I just tried to buy some C7 shards but got the message, that this items aren't for trading...
  13. Wow thanks so much for material conversion!! What's the price for a c8 ampule and a single shard?
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