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  1. Same problem here. Got 2 keys. One is working @ steam. The other one I wanted to activate 2 days ago. Already in use :( I took a ticket. No answer until now. Now I wrote an email. I was so happy to play the game yesterday. Thanks
  2. Hey Lotus, thx for u answer. I am really interested in ur build. Would u please tell me some of ur mods and shards secrets about it. Thx a lot :)
  3. Hi, how does this servo work? Tried some combos but didnt see any huff. Is it used for defense crit builds? Thx
  4. Hey lotus, May u please help me. What shards / mods do u use for so much power? My bees are max power 11. 0M damage, sky guard 8M damage. Omg
  5. Yes. I got a 10/10, than saved 286 materials, did 10 new rerolls, got another 10/10, pressed x because didn't expect, after 286 rerolls got the 10
  6. I did my last mod reroll 2 months ago and today I had 286 materials for a 10 defense rate. Today, I started rerolling again, on ps4, pressing x, after 10 tries i already got the lvl10 mod, but pressed x again. My fault. But didn't get a lvl 10 afters spending 286 materials. So does it reset every time u get a lvl10?
  7. I think atm replay chaos 7 Maps doesn't work on european ps4. Game doesn't launch new map, so I have to quit and restart. Anyone else?
  8. I think u should only be able to beat Betsy after a total game playtime of 10000 hours
  9. Wow sounds nice. I tested today after 3 months of break. 4th round Bling King. There occurred cobolds after wave was finished. 4hits. Crystal down. Restart. Game freezes in round 5. Yeah!
  10. Maybe all defenses will get a massive nerv and additional bees aiming ability. So we have new endgame
  11. I thought only about 2/3/4/... times more pristine notes C7 Ampules Pristine citrine clusters Pristine tolen
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