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  1. 25cv 40cv For the most part I will use the values found on this post although it seems outdated on some event items its a good way to not be off the values by too much. I may value some items lower or higher than on the post, but again for the most part I will go with these.
  2. Until there is an event item bid I am accepting any ammount of cubes or diamonds. I will however prefer offers that include event items in them, which is why the diamond values I gave are so low.
  3. Current Bid : NPC (90cv) After endless moonbase farm I finally got the goodies. Gonna be accepting [a limited ammount of Cubes/Diamonds (4/8/13)] ,maybe ultimate sets(?) and what I am really interested in, Event Items. If you decide to bid with an event item, write what u value it at since these can differ from player to player. Some of the event items I am looking for are, but are not limited to : Gaias Last Gift (Up to 2) / Ball Blaster / Glacier's Demise / Majora's Mask I have the right to not sell the item if I am not happy with final offer. Without further ado, this is the item : ´╗┐´╗┐Leat
  4. May I ask what the point to commenting on an Auction is if are not interested in the item? Having comments such as "current bid is already more than the item is worth" only serves to dissuade potential buyers from buying it therefore hurting the seller. At the end of the day if he doesnt want to sell for 4cv he won't do it. But making people who would otherwise pay more than 4cv change their minds is really bad manners. Maybe you should add a minimum starting bid in future if you already have a price in mind. Also by saying a similar item sold for 9cv recently it doesnt mean the next auctio
  5. And now a Poem, written specifically for Werdna "Uhem" Roses are Red Violets are Blue I like free stuff So I compliment You. Cool giveaway idea :D
  6. Yes Please! This is a great idea. Additionally, maybe the host can grant the "force start" option as a privilege to members of the party for when said host has to afk.
  7. I did not expect it to turn out so good. I have outdone myself. I call it : The Chicken Gang
  8. Good to know, thanks a lot. Probably using it on squire then.
  9. So best use for this roger's is to use as tower weapon even though it has no range/hp? I know the other two stats are quite high , just wasnt sure if there was some other use for it. Thanks a lot!
  10. I had the bug that Black Mamba described happen a lot in Buccaneer Bay. I think It has never happened when I have only one character out, no idea how to reproduce or what causes it.
  11. Hello everyone, I would like to know what these items are worth and also what the best use for the Roger would be given the high ab2 it has , or if its still good for tower given that it lacks 2 tower stats. Roger And this is the Genie Hope the stats are cencored correctly. Thanks for your time.
  12. Steam Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/KzDz/ The Princess Quest : https://imgur.com/EoylKSv (rip princess) Lord Viles Arena : https://imgur.com/MH3DCHj Pretty fun stuff, had a lot of fun with the group. Thanks for the giveaway.
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