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  1. Auctioning my old Ember Sceptre because I finnally got a similar one WITH ab2 (woohoo!) Anyways accepting Cubes / Diamonds(5/10/15) and event items. IC by Plane Auction Ends on Monday 7/5. Bids on the last day of the auction will extend it by an additional 24 hours.
  2. 100k dmg sceptre will already outdps the blaster by a ton because of the proton beam dmg scaling. Obviously the higher the dmg on the sceptre the better it will be overall but 100k is not bad for sure
  3. In general you want to use an ember sceptre on your ev to proton beam down the bosses fast, that way you can get rid of the demon and goblin mech in seconds and then focus on the other two. Some good advice is to take down the four pylons on the corners of the map to stop Poly from using fire before getting near the spider since web + fire is death almost 100% of the time no matter what gear you have. With spider down and no more webs killing the kraken is easy. Proton beam will also help a lot with the remaining bosses.
  4. Zaku

    WTB Event Items

    How much you want for them?
  5. Zaku

    WTB Event Items

    Bump Still looking for all three items.
  6. Zaku

    WTB Event Items

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy some event items. I am paying with a mixture of diamonds/cubes. The items must be traced. Ball Blaster 35cv Black Magick 25cv Gaia's Last Gift 35cv Ploutonion 15cv Leave a comment or add me on steam if you are selling any of the above items.
  7. lets start it at 30cv How do you value diamonds ?
  8. Last Bump . Auction ending in 11 hours.
  9. I think if the host is huntress instead of jester you have a higher chance to get better armor because the item drops from squire/monk/apprentice are eliminated. Same principle with why you stay on a summonmer during survival runs. Not sure though.
  10. Here is my submission. Not sure if pink or purple but I can submit other item if it doesnt count. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone!
  11. Hello Everyone! For this auction I will be accepting coal(6:1) , cubes , diamonds (4/9/15) and any event item that might be offered (if it comes to that). Plate Mail Leather I will make a second post with pristine/chain/weapons/pets when this auction is over. Dont want to have 40+items in one auction. I have the right to keep an item if I don't like the final bid on it. End Date will be 11/4. To prevent snipes , bids on the last day extend the auction for that item by 12hours. Current Bids: MasterPlays : 1cv on each item(?¿?) PiisamiRotta : 1cv 2 coal 361^ Leather Boots
  12. Closing the auction. I am kinda dissatisfied with final offer so I will take a day or two to think if I will end up trading. I will contact Carnivorous Carrot when I make my decision.
  13. I value death wish at 10, skelly at 30 and brownie at 5-10 So 110cv total. Not knowning what the bid from Kungen250 consists of I will add this as current highest bid since as mentioned before I will take event items over cubes/diamonds.
  14. I will be extending the auction by an additional 24 hours for now. I would also prefer if in the bids you would say what exactly it is you are offering. Or are these 100+ cv bids actual cubes? Remember I may value some items differently , I just don't want any confusion at the end of the auction. Thanks P.S Auction will be considered as Closed when the highest bid has been up for 24 hours.
  15. Here are my submissions . Final picture I found the spot once when the giveaway was first posted , when doing the screenshots today I forgot how to get there to get a picture with the right accs :P Anyway Thanks for the giveaway, good luck everyone.
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