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  1. What's the best anti emp tower out there? Something to get rid of them as quick as possible.
  2. What's the best DPS tower in your opinion?
  3. Will there able be an option to change region, there're times when i can't find anybody to play with and especially since I'm still new to the trials i have a hard time doing them, finding other people to play with would make it so much easier. So i'm just wonder in the future will there be a way to switch regions on command so that it's easier to find sessions at different times.
  4. Hi, I'm still fairly new to the game i just happened to finish campaign and currently making my way to floor 4. I'm close to being able to buy my first hero, but i'm sure what to pick. I narrowed it down to Mystic or Ev2 because I've read a lot of forums about them and from what i can tell they both seem pretty fun to play but are there any better picks? Any advice on which to pick as a first hero?
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