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  1. Probably hacked -- I've seen some weapons pretty close to that, but never a staff ;-) Yeah same, the most I've seen for base damage is about 4k, never seen a staff with 13k base damage and all other stats perfect :|
  2. Solution to your problem: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=8416
  3. Hi, someone wants to sell me a staff at 20k damage with 215 upgrades. I used the online damage calculator to find it's base damage, which showed about 13,000 base. Is it possible for a staff to drop with 13,000 base damage and only 215 upgrades? In nightmare livestream perhaps? Or is this weapon 100% hacked? Edit: I can't get on steam servers for an image, but here are the Staff Stats: Damage: 20,000 Charge: 128 8 Player stats: All ~200 Upgrades: 215/215
  4. I'd gladly do it, though there's a bug that if you build a tower, a turkey may try to spawn inside it and never actually spawn. I can easily beat insane turkeys, but my setup always leaves me with 2-3 turkeys that never spawned in one of the waves (could be the first wave, or even the last wave, but it always happens). So when they finally acknowledge and fix this bug, I'll easily finish turkey and gladly post a video of my setup (which is very easy)
  5. I wouldn't call that particular Fairy the "benefiting" end, but you're right, at least I wasn't on the losing end :)
  6. oh mate you get that for doing the warping core pack part 1. on insane. kinda hard to explain here dah wiki: http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Fairy Thanks but I don't own the warping core packs lol. I've never done them, and I don't know anyone else who owns them :p.
  7. So I joined a survival on Hall of Court on wave 14. They had already just started, so rather than wait, I left and made my own game. The moment I got into my tavern, I got a fairy reward.. It made the sound and showed the text up top, same as when you get any other item reward. I got this when returning to my tavern, possibly the worst fairy you can get, and sells for exactly 500k. Does anyone know what the hell happened, and why I was randomly rewarded with this fairy when i entered my tavern? TL;DR I entered my tavern and was randomly rewarded with a default-stat fairy. Pic below ht
  8. Nah it couldn't be the assasin thing, since that's all we did for the remaining time was kill assassins over and over. Though I get the feeling it was because of my 4 bowling ball turrets. The turkeys probably spawn inside them and don't actually spawn (didn't have the problem when not using turrets). If that's the case, it means it's impossible to beat if using any squire or app towers :(
  9. No matter how many times I play insane turkey, one wave always gets stuck on a few turkeys that don't spawn. Here's a screenshot http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198025867392/screenshot/613843458171251789?tab=public You can see 30 seconds on the clock, 3 turkeys to go, but they did not spawn. This happens to me on random waves. I just got to wave 9 and was left with 2 unspawned turkeys. Anyone else get this?
  10. I must have done the turkey challenge on insane 10-20 times now. Every single time, 1 to 3 turkeys do not spawn at the end. All I can do is wait for 30 to 60 seconds until the time runs out and I lose. This is very frusterating, I have not yet made it to wave 10 because of this glitch that stops me from doing so. Here is a screenshot for proof. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198025867392/screenshot/613843458171251789?tab=public You can see there is 30 seconds on the clock, 3 turkeys remaining, but they are no where on the map. I have a feeling it is because the turkeys spawn i
  11. Good stuff. Just helped me out with a few maps on insane (for achievement). Did em all very quickly and efficiently for a good price, while I was afk. Also a generally nice guy. Well worth it. (P.s. Glitter brought my lvl 8 char to 55 in 1 go)
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