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  1. I've always wondered how they became heroes.....and also how they have kids and no mention of there other parents like huntress's dad, squre's mom, etc. Those'd better be new costumes coming soon >:I I love my Countess too much to give her up if I want to play as a way cooler Adult :>
  2. In my opinion there should be a Legendary version of all the gender swap variants, and one for a male barb, female EV, and male summoner. Much as I love my Amazon and Demoness, it does feel like it'd be TOO thorough if the gender swaps of DLC classes also got a costume. At least then I won't be penalized by unlocking NOTHING (Except a weapon) for completing CD on a Barbarian.
  3. I want more Steampunk costumes, like the Adepts. It's only fair.
  4. After figuring out we were stuck in on-mode, we then went and sold every single defense, til we had both 0 MU and 0 DU. Still no portal.
  5. We looked for a solid 10-15 minutes before all giving up. I eventually figured out that it's a bug, and the game didn't think we finished the map, even though we did. The monk was on the ground recovering, and mousing over him said to go to the portal. However our defenses weren't autosold, our mana was left at the same level it was previously, and we still had the ability to lay down new defenses. The game was stuck thinking we weren't finished, when we were. We did it in a full 4 person party, if that helps. Also, I discovered another glitch. See if you can spot the problem in this scree
  6. I'm really really starting to feel like there'll be a new thread everytime a single line is added to the patch notes. But even the small things, like this, are something a lot of us have been looking forward to. ESPECIALLY PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO LOVE INFERNO TRAPS.
  7. Are you saying you want a gender costume for the gender-swapped heroes? I think he's saying he wants alternate costumes for the alternate genders. Like an alternate Amazon, Bounty Hunter, and Demoness costume. Yes the Bounty Hunter already has a jetpack, but that's 90% the same. As for a male version of the Jester: Mimes
  8. That's true, but it's not raining 24/7 (Even the intro to the game shows a bright sunny day). Really, some of the past exploits the parents have had is something I'd like to see elaborated upon. Maybe as a rated M ultra violent brawler.
  9. Just a wordier way of saying Hey guys check out these scale inconsistencies And then offering an explanation as to why they are.
  10. Someone from Trendy once explaind it as a server having JUST closed or something, so the room shows up, but it's not loading a mission because the room was closed while it was loading. If you've ever successfully joined one, and it wasn't a normal game, then there's a problem. I do give it a shot every now and then just to see, but it's never worked, so I'm thinking it's nothing to worry about.
  11. I first started this conspiracy theory when I noticed an unusual discrepancy in size when doing Survival on a certain map. I'll get to that in a moment, but first THESIS: Your social status in the Dungeon Defenders universe is directly tied to your size. This could be for any number of reasons, and I'll go into them as I begin. For now though, the main thing to know is the basic hierarchy this game shows. Low class citizens, the servants are very small. Likely to make them easier to deal with, they can't very well revolt against the upper class if they are only a fraction of the size. This
  12. It's been mentioned before, but to the best of my knowledge the biggest reason for the discrepancy is that PSN / XBLA both have a very long, annoying certification process that all content has to go through before it can be made available. This makes it so there's usually upwards of a month ahead of time that content would need to be submitted to them if they wanted to make it all available at the same time. The same problem happens with patches, so they can't exactly fix issues next day like they can on PC. All in all, as much as I love gaming on my consoles, it is their fault that this p
  13. New line in patch notes >New Crystal, new Costumes, new weapons, etc, GOT ONE RIGHT.
  14. I did War of the Djinn yesterday and a DPS Huntress joined midway through. She had 3k in both HP and Attack, and her resistances were 90% across the board in nightmare (Full supreme) She still died every wave. She didn't seem inexperienced either, as she was a tremendous help even dead by helping us find lamps So yes, even if I don't have one. I strongly agree that DPS Huntress needs some buffs.
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