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  1. 3 days now I've tried to use the shop. I've never changed anything on my computer yet no one can see my shop. Haven't sold a single item. Exactly the same problem here. Well, we are not getting it fixed any soon i predict...
  2. ok... well... I can see ****load of shops on my list, but noone can see mine. AND NO ITS NOT ABOUT FILTERS. im doin everything right, i know it, cuz i hosted it on other computers and it worked, ppl had it on their list, but when i host it on mine comp they seem no to see it anymore... im starting to loose my nerves, its kinda annoying that i cant take part in dd's market.
  3. not working... noone can see my shop >.> never
  4. Done as u said, but i checked it earlier, it is not a new dlc map, so... i bet noone will help me hahaha! >.> Btw i really know how to setup a shop cuz i made it work on my friends pc's.
  5. If u mean in-game filters... all of them are off. well... that sucks eh, working on my friends computer but not on mine... lawlz
  6. is there a way to make it work normally? i mean... so everyone could see it? btw ppl from my region cant see it...
  7. Same problem here... i asked like... 20 friends to look for my game, just one of them could find it. I cant get any people to browse my shop since they cant find it on the list NEED IT FIXED ASAP
  8. So... Ive got a serious problem. Since i started playing i cant host AFK shop. I mean i can... but noone will find it on the list. It is just like it didnt even exist. I cant really play without this feature. I tried opening it on another computer and it worked, people started joining immediately, but its not working on mine... I need it fixed, else i cant progress and have fun anymore. I hope someone knows the solution...
  9. bump! :< from what ive noticed it works when i log on other computers... just doesnt work on mine... RAGERAGERAGE
  10. Show shops -> host afk shop. Thats how im doing it, all my friends living nearby dont have any problems, its just me... Should work, but it doesnt :d
  11. @bump having the same problem. pretty annoying as i cant really progress...
  12. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/854/beztytuuuzi.png/ This guy has a hacked item, his nick is on the photo - Lexar.
  13. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/267/beztytuupsz.png/ its on ranked.
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