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  1. The rest of the map was just WMF, PDT´s and I think one more BB in a frost lane. There is no perfect tenacity, that one is sitting in my protons which I didn´t use here:) So u did finally get your tenacity for your protons :)
  2. Well i for one stopped playing dd2. By the time i was done with ap resets i was soooooo sick of farming lower chaos tiers for materials, it became painful just to fire up the game. Games are supposed to be fun, not bore the crap out of u. Before materials were introduced this was on of the funnest games i've played in a very long time. Why? Cuz i could play the tiers that were relevant to my power level. Now we're forced to play way beneath it for days on end. I didn't even mind the 3 maps per floor system, at least they were engaging, farming c3 and c6 for mats .... Zzzzzzzzz If this issue ge
  3. Could totally be done on console as well. Hold r2 l2 to active deck select, used D pad to pick between the four decks, release r2 l2, use D pad to select hero just like it is now. Have to figure out an interface to set up each deck but totally could happen.
  4. get 11 vicious strikes and get gilded vicious strikes :) Ya right lol... I'm not going though that 1o more times. I'll just keep gilding DS thx. I have 3 already.
  5. Don't over price ur stuff lol ... Jk But seriously, the markets r out of control as it is. I sell my stuff at a fraction of what every one else does. I never have to take anything down as it all sells. I'll flip my whole shop at least 1 every time i go to town. If i spend any time doing stuff in town, tinkering, scavenger, etc. I'll flipit a few times. I may not make millions on 1 sale, but i make millions a day selling all kinds of stuff. Imo people are asking insane prices for the most trivial things. The tax is there to punish that. Either pay the tax to reprice the item, or let it sit and
  6. I'll take a gilded deadly strikes over a vicious strikes all day long. Hyper shards aren't so hyper now that gilding is a thing.
  7. All i have to say is .... WOW! Never have i been so thoroughly impressed with some ones determination and commitment, and yet laugh my tail off at the same time. So the origin story has been told of the brave defender known only as jaws_ 420. The rasta shark god
  8. That and there is no such thing as random in context of computers. It all boils down to 1s and 0s. On or off. A computer is not capable of true randomness. Only the illusion of random. So ya, i agree with you that thier so called rng definitely needs work. Maybe with the advent of quantum computers for the main stream years from now we will have a true random number generator.
  9. Nope, PSN, but ty very much for the offer. :) Just got 2 more bows lol. Thats the other thing thats got me wondering ... I've only seen one monk AP polearm for sale this whole time as well.
  10. Ok so i've reset 24 times. The last few were after they started dropping prestigious weapons every 10 floors. I have yet to get a weapon for my monk. Gotten 4 or so axes, 3 staffs, at least 10 swords, a few canisters, a couple tomes, 5 pole arms for the chick monk, 3 bows, 3 lavamancer weapons and 1 gun. Of all the weapons, i wanted the monk one most as i play him mostly. Alas none have dropped. I even started a second account to ease my mote farming burden and have started resetting that account as well in hopes of finding one. Shes on her second reset, farming every ten floors for AP weapon
  11. Normally i'ld agree with u. I'm 50 and have been a gaming since pong. I've played every style of game under the sun. Not just vidoe games mind u, i played dungeons and dragons for years, played magic the gathering and other card based games, played countless chess matches and bord games, when i say i'm a gamer, i mean it. I luv games. The longer they take the better. Played numerous RTS games back in the day. Some of which after modding took hours just to finsh base building and upgrading before i'ld finally crush the enemy. I'm a completionish. I try to get or do everything that's possible in
  12. I haven't stopped playing yet, but ya, the game is definitely beginning to feel like work rather than fun. It's not so much the drop rates on mods as i really still believe they are the cherry on top. U can still eat the sunday and it's yummy even if ur out of cherries. You don't NEED them to enjoy and play this game. What's killing it for me is the massive amounts of materials it takes to get anything done. Even if the mod i WANT drops or i find it for sale, i usually have to upgrade it before i can tinker it. Oh wait, now i gotta farm tons of maps to get the resourses and especially mote b
  13. I dont really agree with your ways to counter assassins what if I need a damage pet to kill a boss instead of sparkle party? (you cant swap characters before assassin comes to you) what if I have a problem on the other side of the map and I need to get there, but on the way there I dont have any assassin killing/peeling defence? its easy to kill assasins only if your defences can handle every lane, but if you need to get around the map its not easy at all imo I use a monk to kill bosses and have no need for a pet ability to get the job done. Stacking damage on gear and using his boost abilit
  14. Bee's with a stall works every time. I perfer frosty power frostbite towers as they also boost the bees but any stall will do. The only exception to this is if there are zerkers in the miix. Stalls don't work on them and since the bee change, 3 bees some times can't get the job done fast enough. In those cases i add a couple stun cannons or 2 WM nodes to slow them down. I've also had luck with explosive traps, frosty beam protons, and a couple cannons to get the shatter combo. But not as reliable as bees and frost towers. Question ... Are boom mods physical or magic or tower dependent?
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