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  1. After 1888 hours of gameplay i have arround 30 destr, 15 deadly and 24 def rate shards allowing me to use them in almost every defence i have. However now i need 10 more of each (for starters) for gilding so apparently my farm of them is just begining.
  2. Hello Trendy, Today i want to focus your attention on the current Trading system: Right now there are 2 ways to sell your spare items like cool weapons, armor, pets, materials, mods, etc. We can either sell them directly from our shops mostly in town where the potential customers are or stay into the markets domain which nobody uses( No customers , no trading). In both cases you have to stay AFK for extended periods of time to give other players the opportunity and time to browse all shops and all items in those respective shops. Doing that naturally results in a drop after 15 minutes or so
  3. Dear Trendy Team. I would like to comment on the C8 upgrade cost and suggest a way for improvement on this system. Currently to upgrade just 1 item to c8 we need 250 Materials ( clusters for example which is a 40 hour grind on single area like dungeons) + 600 Pristine motes ( which was never a problem for me) + 11 mil gold ( which is kinda expensive but still not a huge problem) and finally 6 x C8 ampules where the big problem appears. Now personally i am having a problem with those ampules. Last 40 floors i did ( floor 70-110) didn't drop even 1 of those for me. If i wanted to upgrade a
  4. I am very happy about these new changes. Hope there aren't any surprises again. I would like to ask you to fix a rather new bug created by the previous patch . Its about the Curse aura pet ability, which gives 50% speed, 50% reduced dmg from nearby mobs and 150% hero area damage for a few seconds. The part with the 50% movement speed is no longer working on any of my champions. Can you please fix it? There is no way to test the 50% dmg reduction so I am not sure if that's working, but the damage part of the ability is still working properly.
  5. Not only Lavamancer's speed while moving underground has been decreased. My Dryad,s and Mystic movement speed has been greatly reduced as well. Feels like hero movement speed is capped and even if you use the pet ability curse aura, which boosts hero speed 50%, the speed will not change. This is a new bug, because of this patch. Are you reducing hero speed limits to all champions on purpose or? Another remark about this patch. By removing defender packs from lower floors, you are removing the motivation for c7 players ( fl 45- 65+) to go and help less developed players on lower floors. So
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