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  1. I agree here, its not the colours that need changing. Imo its a balance between the increase from 4.5-5 and all other tiers. Also, instead of having like 3 (3 bars) with different coulors make every tier and own % of the bean. So we actually get 4.5 and 3.5 and 2.5 and so on. Colours can stay the same.
  2. yup, for most players returning after 3+ months shards are missing, Trendy are working their butts of to fix it :)
  3. So, with this update came a lot of confusion. Here are my questions When you press the alt-key and you see green numbers (for example: 10000-34567), what do you actually see, cause it can't be the hard cap for that kind of gear since if differs from piece to piece. What is the optimal shard composition dps wise? At this point i am running rate, destruction and vamp. Does the mod drops favour the your dps hero? Does gear that you advance keep its roll? So, if i took a max roll mythical and advanced it to legendary, would it have max roll for a legendary relic? Please keep it clean a
  4. I 100% agree, dusting and gilding cost are fed up. 5 for both gilding and dusting would work.
  5. Yeah, but it smacks my face while its asleep Amazing update!
  6. ..but it makes me boil during the summer Wow, you got soo many posts, amazing!
  7. Trading would not solve the main issue though, if Trendy does it before adding something like the token system I will be disappointed. In a way you are making the game more pay to win. If you use gems to get new Heros and Hero cards etc you will be able to buy more shards for defender medals.
  8. Yup, that is the main point of this, I really hope Trendy adds something like this, otherwise all my progression in floors are useless since i need to grind all the way back up if i want to keep pushing.
  9. As you all know, Trendo are developing some new content. They might already have a plan to solve issues with bad gating in onslaught but in the off chance that they haven't, here is my suggestion: First of all, your current highest floor will be unlocked once you unlock floor 55 after a reset. This means that you can hop onto floor 150 (if that is your highest floor) as soon as you get done with c7. Additionally, you will no longer have to reach floor 65 to reset. Instead the critirea will be to do 10 floors above floor 54. So yes, you can, if you want do floor 55 10 times and reset. This mean
  10. Good idea, something like this needs to be added or people will quit because of bad luck. But honestly, 50 maps is too much, I'd say 30. The reasoning here is that the game needs to be less of a grind. 50 maps is already a lot, statistically you should get the shard you want every 33 (i think there are like 30 shards per chaos tier) shard drops.
  11. Would love that defenders forge back, i played a bit during pre trials and it looked real cool.
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