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  1. I've noticed walls that have the protective downgrade servo get destroyed before it triggers. Likewise, I've never had a last stand chip activate properly. Anyone else having these problems?
  2. 180 views on this and no reply? Just wow... so people knew about this happening?
  3. From what I'm understanding, he was saying he tried to use it but there was no prompt or anything. So the insurance was bugged? If that was the case, then he needs that item back, because that is what the insurance IS SUPPOSED TO DO. I understand that accidental item deletion isn't given back. This, however seems like the "accident" was that the coding of the item was messed up. Please look into this Chromatic, this sounds to me that he should get that item back!
  4. I was playing a chaos 8 molten citadel with a friend on wave 5 and a Cannon Ogre spawned on the right side of the map. We had a reflect beam about a flame aura's width away from a Maw, and the Cannon Ogre walked up to the reflect beam, and shot right through it. I was on a Squire with 113k armor, 1.4 million health, and had my shield up with max ascension in shield block plus the shield block power shard maxed out. I engaged him on the opposite side of the beam from the the wall, and in ONE SHOT, he shot through me, the reflect beam, AND THE WALL. This single shot destroyed the wall, the r
  5. I must not have decent placement of flame auras on flyer lanes, then. My sky guard can handle air lanes, unless its Air Raid...just too many of them out one lane, and i've never tried hailstorm. I totally forgot about that Turn the tide mod with the life leech shard I run on squire. Obelisk with a totem? A good idea, but I would prefer it to do 2.5 mil damage a hit to anything, plus buff me. Seems a waste of that special defense to just be bait, but to each their own. I suppose you make a point between Barb and Squire. I just wish there wasn't only two things that work. Each
  6. So the Barb just sits there and take hits? That's what I wanted my squire to do, actually. Never been a fan of the barb because he seems like the "end all, beat all" melee hero, like why wouldn't you use him as the melee hero? Anyway, I havent been buffing up my monk besides auras and sky guard (oh boy, sky guard, that got focused fired.......stupid Air Raid lanes...). So it seems like I've got a lot of grinding ahead of me to get him up to par. I'll have to watch that video to learn how that build works so well. I'm using a focused AP mod on my gunwitch and though my normal ice need
  7. So I have been struggling for awhile now tackling floor 51 onslaught. My main hero is my 600k health 75k armor squire before steel skin chips activate, and basically any boss can one-shot me. I do not have any ancient power, so I know I could get that ancient hero resistance, but that is basically all I can do to improve my defense. Melee heroes just don't seem to work anymore on that high of a floor. That being said, I obviously had to embrace this ranged hero meta that seems to be in effect, but are there any particular tips for it? The other hero I like to play is my gunwitch, with
  8. Hm... perhaps your right, Jaws. Perhaps I'm jumping the gun on pointing out a potential problem. I'll wait and see come the dev stream tomorrow what will happen. Though I'm sure I'm not the only one that is holding their breath on some things. Many of us would hate to lose a good portion of our stats and have to rebuild them again....without having hit that ancient power button. We shall see.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love all the new features that are being revealed for the next patch. However, I see one GLARING problem that I feel is going to need addressed. With the changes to gear they revealed, we only have the one primary stat (Damage or armor)........and only ONE SECONDARY STAT (Ability power, Health, Damage on armor)? I see a problem here..... Yes, are towers, traps, walls, auras and nodes are going to be amazing.......but our heroes are RECEIVING A SERIOUS NERF that apparently no one sees! Now, not counting these "passives" heroes are stuck to two builds... 1. Y
  10. While there is still much improving to be done, I believe this patch was more useful than just a banking system. It shows that Trendy is listening to us and actually contemplating our feedback. Thank you very much for that Trendy. There are still things that annoy me, like how you need low to mid c7 gear to even try to get into melee on c6....but you guys and gals continue to show that you are taking all our feedback into consideration. Thank you.
  11. Sorry to revive this thread but I figured i should let you know. After failing for two weeks straight, I finally cleared mr first c7 trial! It's nowhere near perfect, but I'm slowly getting stronger now. Onslaught is flat out impossible now since i shot up to floor 55, but at least I'm making progress. Thank you all for the advice you've given!
  12. I can see the point between your ideas on that lane, Jaws. However, I was stuck on the other side of the map dealing with that stupid lane that decided they weren't going to obey reflect beam physics and couldn't watch the burn lane. My friend quit before the start of wave 4.......and just for the laughs I went ahead to try to build it out and save it. As I thought Thorc showed up pretty early, right when the exploding lane decided to throw out all their mobs at the same time! So my friend was completely shut down if he would of stayed....one or the other lane would have fallen, since by th
  13. I can understand the idea, but the lane was indeed very tight and short. How would the bullet sponge mutator affect things though? Would the PDT's impact be blocked, but the enemy still gets poisoned? If so, then that might have been doable. If not, then it was hopeless, because the protons and oil geysers would get borked, and the PDT would get blocked by bullet sponge. There wasn't anywhere on the sides we could have put slimes or bees, at least on that particular lane.
  14. Got another riddle for you all. My friend and I tried floor 39 in onslaught again, and we did fine until the 4th wave of the temple (3rd map). Ok, there was plenty of bull crap with hex throwers piercing a reflect beam wall on one other lane.............but thats not the riddle. Here goes: Wave 1 of this same map, you get zerker whompers with controlled burn in the shortest, tightest corridor lane available on the map. So you build with frosty beams, oil geyers, two PDTs behind the two spike walls, and it holds wonderfully.......................then wave 4 hits. A new lane opens up on the
  15. The real funny thing is that usually I have a friend with me, and with his help, c6 is no problem at all. I mean sure I still die left and right, but with him on another lane I have the DU left over to reinforce my lane a bit to make sure it holds when I do die. Solo, If I see the respawn screen............that's pretty much the game over screen, because thats all the time the mobs need to completely destroy a lane and the crystal. And if I try to take some DU from another lane to help mine out, then I have two lanes in desperate need of help the entire time. Sure, I could just abandon my t
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