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  1. i was able to solve all my connection issues on this game by disabling ipv6
  2. took a little inspiration from a popular painting i saw in San Francisco's museum of art notice the brush strokes so perfectly done that it looks as if no brush was used
  3. well the barbarian is allegedly being worked on, although i still wonder why they gave up on the countess and ranger being finished first
  4. so i was fairly certain bees and slimes not attack backwards was fixed a few patches ago, yet mine frequently ignore anything that walks passed them even if the mob sits there hitting the tree in range. was i wrong that they got fixed and it was simply trending saying that they are working on fixing it?
  5. so every once in a while i find a quote from someone that proves trendy has me playing on a different patch to mess with me. on floor 57 the wall leech bosses i get heal for 40 million per second. i wanted to go into detail about how onslaught actually works, but people are hell bent on avoiding reality so it feels like kind of a waste
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