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  1. Auction had ended. Unicontra feel free to add me on steam to complete the rest of the trade. Thank you for your business. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057196164/
  2. For those of you who have posted offers up to this point, please take a moment to read the edited auction above. If you feel like you must retract your previous offer, or lower it to something else feel free to do so and the auction will continue from that point. I apologize for any and all inconveniences.
  3. Hello all, This is my first time doing an auction so I apologize if it isn't the smoothest in town. Hopefully I blurred out the stats correctly. The Clava below caps in both Hero Health, Hero Damage and Tower Health. *EDIT* My apologies, I failed at the mental math when I posted this last night and originally said that Hero ab2 would cap. Unfortunatly this is not the case, and Hero ab2 will reach 98-, where "-" is a value between 1-10. I apologize for the inconvenience. https://i.imgur.com/zXjmGZf.jpg The item has been item checked by Plane, and you will receive the IC prior to th
  4. 155B* IVY. Sorry I literally remembered that a second before you replied haha. My apologies comrade.
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