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  1. How? My xbox is set on no restrictions what so ever http://www.imagebam.com/image/4dd6b6748291563 http://www.imagebam.com/image/02b708748291623
  2. First of all I cant rename my heros, and when I create a hero the hero drops without option to change name. The worst part is that when a friend tried the game for his first time playing on my game, he created a hero and could give his new hero a custom name before it was created, he could rename it, and everything I was like WTF??? That never happend me! I want to rename my heros, and talked to others who rename there heros with no problem, for me that options is grayed out! I even bought the game in hope for renaming, I bought the max bag thing so I could rename bags! Can I rename my bags ??? NO But its good to know that if anyone else start up the game for the first time ever using my xbox one they can do all those things. WTF??? My xbox profile is FaultyJan0 and thats a zero at the end. Sometimes I see custom named playing going on, I cant change name on my session either. And why have you people removed the see all active current sessions, I miss when u go and start a game u could see all current sessions that are going on. But most IMPORTENT! FIX MY RENAME options!!!
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