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  1. This happens to many people, occurs since the game was in beta (2015 or even before), has been reported many times and do nothing, I and my friends play on the European server (PC) and it happens many times, It is especially frustrating when this happens in Ongslaught. If after 3 years or more they have not fixed it, I do not think they'll ever fix it.
  2. Ahhh okas entonces para que es la ancianita de purpura? Porque lei que con ella podias mejorar objetos, sacrificando otros. Ya no sirve para nada la anciana (que mal suena eso xD), ahora mejoras los objetos pulsando control + click izquierdo encima del objeto que quieres mejorar.
  3. Every time I play Nimbus Reach in Chaos 7 Trials only green chests appear at the end of the game. (Me and my girlfriend have made this map many times in the last days and we always get the green chest, it's not bad luck, it's a bug).
  4. Dear developers, I do not know if you are already aware that your game browser is terrible, it is very badly designed, looking for games is horrible. I have played a lot DD1 and DD2, in DD2 you have done good things and others that are not so much, but a basic thing for this game is to have a good game browser that allows you to look for games in a comfortable way, I have seen new people that enter this game and do not see a single game, they have everything blocked and can only play the campaign and of course they believe that there is no one in the game because they can only see the public campaign games, as a result of this they leave the game because they believe that the game is dead, the Steam forums are full of post like this: http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/2595630410185442792/ Please, make a game browser where we can see all the games in progress, the game will be more alive and would be very helpful to encourage people to create public games with a bonus for playing cooperative games (exp bonus, more gold, more drop chance ...). Listen to your community please, in this forum there are great ideas for your game. PD: Sorry for my bad English, it is equal or more terrible than your game browser =).
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