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  1. Moose is a giant nerd oh also a nice message :) https://steamcommunity.com/id/Manyux/
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    Amplifiers + 50 in dias on B
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    90 in diamonds on b
  4. Item: Jewel Crested Sword Event Name: Ancient Jewel Sword Forged by: Ancient (255,0,0) Magus (150,0,255) Description: Enchanted with devilish magic. Mana value: 11.2019m (This is a reference to the DD update 7 release :)) Stats: HeroHealth: 333 HeroDamage: 666 CastRate: 333 Ability2: 666 TowerHealth: 200 TowerRate: 400 TowerDamage: 400 TowerRange: 200 Swing Speed: 8 Draw Scale: 1.5 Upgrades: 666/666 Concept: It's a DPS weapon which you'd use on a Barbarian with Tornado stance while being hero boosted. I want this weapon to show people that DPS Barbarian can be pretty good and to show Barbarian some love since it's barely used nowadays. Balance: Comparing DPS just hitting the dummy in different ways (hero boost on/off, tornado on/off etc. you get the idea) it's roughly as good as a 130k Honey sword (450-460 upgrades). Now keep in mind that an actual Honey sword would get a lot of damage out of Hawk Stance which I didn't include in the test to favor the event and simplify testing. Pictures: On Ground: On Inspect: On Character:
  5. ez 500cv if you didn't up it :(
  6. 5cv 0.75 coal and a kings game run (campaign)
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    Christmas in June!!

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