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  1. Not sure why you would find that strange. Most people don't know or care about the history of a thing and expectations usually come from more recent experiences. Do we expect people to be racist because America started out that way? Of course not. Our expectations usually are aligned by other means than history. This isn't to mention that desktop tower defense, plants vs. zombies and most other TD games that folks will have experienced as their personal introduction to the genre, including dungeon defenders 1 - which is the most likely source of expectations, all have single player modes. Regardless, the hero deck imbalances even co-op. The only way out, which may have been the original idea for all I know, is 4-Player only. Then the game could be properly balanced around 16 options and the meta that creates.
  2. Perfectly viable solutions have been discussed in length. Matter of fact, why doesn't a mod just have [[31834,users]] rewrite the fix with all the fine tuning we did over the past few month and sticky that thread. Then all the hero deck convos can pick up from that standpoint. All that keeps happening otherwise is the same ol' argument. This way everyone can read the objective evidence and the leading solution to the problem. If they have something to say after that point at least it may be constructive. Bottom line is: 1) Surveys were BS...2.3% of the player base has 4 or more heroes AT LEVEL 25. If you have less than 5 at 50 you don't have the experience necessary to "like" the hero deck. Especially when the survey is reported to have had 'leading' style questions - which is typically a sign of manipulation. 2) The deck is imbalanced as a matter of math: solo=4, coop=16. The solution to this is a less-than-elegant mob boost system that results in strange balance issues popping up constantly. 3) An elegant fix has been proposed. One that works in every mode and allows the sale of hero slots without p2w elements...Proposed Fix: Balance the game around builder units on a map by map basis. So, gates can use 3 builders for example...want to bring 30 builders and 25 dps?, cool, but once you build with 3 your done. Betsy and other complex maps can use more. A short list of benefits from previous discussions: A) No more hero deck ***ing. B) Parity between solo, 2, 3 and 4 player co-op. C) Easier and more flexible balance requirements for TE. D) Actual strategic limitations as opposed to faux ones that everyone seems to claim the current system has. E) This plus loot fixes might bring back some of us to Etheria (Player base is still leaking - possibly even at an increased rate.)
  3. Tony, Don't get me wrong, I hope the game does well and yes I agree the numbers are to be expected. Its just disheartening that these major issues keep lingering and with the numbers (while good I guess) not keeping DD2 in the top 20 I can't get the crew to jump on this for streaming/vid purposes. I also agree that the people still around likely haven't hit the endgame loot issues and the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th hero struggle. Not sure when that bubble would pop. Could be weeks or months depending on how they play.
  4. I'm so over this. Here is a last word on the topic though... The Hero Deck and loot system are the two things that killed the game for me. The endless BS comments and twisting of lousy metrics just make it abundantly clear that despite the awful design and game balance ramifications there seems to exist no intention of straightening things out. I've criticized this issue for over a year and a half to no avail. The hero deck has been discussed thoroughly and been shown to have major problems - objectively. TE is now saying in defense of the hero deck that an inaccurate survey showed that the overall feeling is that people like the deck. After pointing out the AGAIN lousy data collection and analysis the response is "Our data gathering doesn't stop with one survey." It seems to be enough data to tell us that we don't know what were talking about though? Really? Sadly, it may be time to move on for many of us it seems. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. The game had a spike of interest but despite the release of Ascension pt.2 there has been a steady decline in users since the initial F2P weekend. (Took numbers from steamcharts) Week 1 peak to week 2: -16.61% Week 2 peak to week 3: -20.46% All time peak to week 3 peak: -33.67% (Day of Asc. pt.2 release) All time peak to today's peak: -42.54% (Sunday is normal peak day for week) Hopefully changes are made and the game becomes successful. That said, I and other fans and content creators I've spoken with feel that there are major issues and due to what feels like shady maneuvers will have to withhold support or at least proceed with caution.
  5. Can't argue with most of this. I really liked being able to build a map then release it into the wild by making it public. Was a great way to help and meet other players. Naming servers was great too because you know what your walking into. Currently, for me anyway, it's more pleasurable and efficient to just meet people on the forums and play private games.
  6. ITT: Hero Deck & Loot systems suck. My feedback to TE for as far back as I can remember: Hero Deck & Loot systems suck. Also, it appears to me that the convo above is more about P2W than it is F2P exclusively. Take out hero slots and the game is still F2P with skins and pets. The OP seems to be postulating, I think, that the hero slots may crossover into P2W territory depending on part of the progression scale your looking at. Especially given the way the hero deck and loot systems interact. So, if there are leaderboards and rankings on those boards are effected by your gear and the gear acquisition is effected by the number of slots you own...then is it a P2W system? I may be off the mark but it seems to me that's the real issue here. If so, I can say it's been covered before and some have even postulated that it's the real reason why the hero deck is so hard to get rid of. Not saying anyone is correct just sharing ideas.
  7. Lol...I know what your saying! I even turned off damage numbers in options hoping overall dps would still be displayed...no joy.
  8. More diverse ethnic options would be nice too. Not stereotyped versions either.
  9. Agree about hero deck needing to go but... The issue with towers imo is the lack of range. The range needs to be doubled, yes doubled. In nm4 things without excessive health get 1-shot. So, unless a massive increase in tower hp gets patched in you won't be able to build towers close enough to walls to use them with their current range. Your whole build gets buttstomped into oblivion...hence the trap-based meta. The lack of range also creates a stale feeling when building. It's just not flexible enough to be fun to work with.
  10. When you reach 50 with a character having that character in your deck gives an xp boost to your other characters....when you play them. Fears alleviated :)
  11. So, here's an interesting tidbit: thus far the best experience comes from free play levels. So, not only can you not access endgame until you reach a certain point but even when you can it has been a waste to try to level your characters there. Now, disclaimer, I haven't leveled from scratch in a patch or two but last time I did it was all in free play hard for great afk xp. That said, you also cannot do free play until you complete campaign. Why all these restrictions? Can't say for sure. My view has been that TE is bouncing around in the middle ground between a game on rails and a sandbox. It's my experience that they have tended to lean toward rails, strongly so in many cases, but community feedback nudges the game in the other direction. Many of the most active and vocal fans seem to be like you. They liked the flexibility that dd1 had: naming servers, shops/trading, power leveling, no hero deck or artificial gameplay restrictions, etc. This is my view from my experience here but it may be worth pooping your question in the devstream question thread above. Tomorrow you may get a more direct answer.
  12. Good feedback. This stuff is all balance related and will come out in the wash so to speak. I think the feedback helps along with seeing what people use in game. I personally feel like there are a ton of spheres that maybe should get cut on the next pass. More appealing trade-offs would be nice too!
  13. I don't even understand the above post!
  14. So, just to follow up. I was able to afk/rep solo nm4 before patch and i dont necessarily see this patch as making things too easy but rather; bringing in the possibility of using more than 1 meta. Frankly, id like to see frosty not stack. I have a feeling that if that was the only change in tower balance there would be a huge difference in gameplay. It would also give you that "tighter balance" feeling your looking for.
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