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  1. Still people just keep judging if i am worthy of a having a mic instead of helping me fix the problem. Sad.
  2. See i didn't ask if it was okay to tell people to shut up, if someone is scream as loud as they can in the mic i will tell them to shut up no matter there age. It is not for you people to deside if i can use the mic or not. Some people are talking normal in the mic and can be talked to, i shouldn't have to hide from the rest of the community because kids wont shut up. As for the guy that has an 11 year old that bought his own PS4/PC, who gave him the money? You did, so you bought it for him and you had to be there for him to buy it. As for the moderator that is miss using there power his name
  3. But we are on PS4 not a playground. This is for adults and older kids. I looked up the ESRB rateing its not made for kids. Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence. You have to be 18 to buy a playstation or a PC. None of this is like a playground. You think kids are give up there hard earned money for this stuff? Nope.
  4. So they have every right to say and do dumb things to disrupt the chat but i have no right to tell them to shut up? Sucky.
  5. Now i am a bully? wow! Next i am a monster and i should be killed?
  6. You play on PS4 for an hour and tell me that you wont get annoyed by kids leaving there mic on for us to hear there parents yelling at them or them singing a song or screaming as load as they can. I want to tell them to shut up or turn there mic off. I herd one parents tell them there address and phone number. Now 100s of people know where that dumb kid lives. So because kids do dumb things i am not mature? No i have just grow tired of it and dont care to be sweet with every word i say. I get its a kids game but most kid never make it past the first 5 levels or never make it out of the town be
  7. It seams to me that they rather kick us out of the forms if we have a issues rather then try to help us. I read one of the moderator post history and all he does is kick people and ban people for speaking there mind. Almost none of them even did anything wrong, they didn't even say bad words or even say anything rude. some weren't even given warning, they just seam to not have the answer to there problem and bann them. Are the moderators children? I ask a question on how to fix my mic and said i want to be able to tell them to shut up or tell them how to play the game, both are needed. The mod
  8. WTF? I AM 30 YEARS OLD AND YOUR ARE TELLING ME TO WATCH MY TONE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I asked how to fix my mic that is all. I didn't say i was going to say or do anything rude to anyone. I didn't ask to be mess with by some form Moderator jerk. You watch your tone and go away. You rather kick me out of the form then help me to fix the problem. WOW!
  9. There are 100s of little 5 year olds with cheap PS4 mics on that are just saying dumb stuff in there mic, but my PX22 super nice headphones dont work. They work on every game but this one. It would be nice to tell them to shut up or tell them how to play the game. Anyone know how to fix this?
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