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  1. I agree. The gear is so bland in DDA, the sets are just increased stats. I want sets to do cool bonuses similar to Diablo/PoE. In DD2 you could change the Cannon Ball Tower from plain physical projectile tower, to do Ice damage/Magic dmg and even visually the projectiles would change to ice balls. Now that they want to add player trading its perfect to add slightly complex gear sets, so if you are missing that last piece to your set you can just trade it.
  2. We have different opinions on "harder content". From what i gathered playing onslaught and knowledge of people who have climbed higher then me is that you can get to around floor 400-500 without any c8 gear at all, maybe even higher if you tried. Also for the 5/5 C8 Weapons, that doesn't boost your map beating chances as much as people might think. By this time you have plenty of c8 amps to get some gear going at least 1/5 is all you need for the mods. That can probably carry you all the way to floor 900ish honestly. I was too gullible when I read that this update was going to be a "End Game
  3. Those weapons are just reskins of weapons we could already obtain before the patch. I personally wanted this patch to have more replay ability or give us drops to beat floor 950+. I know all the maps are not out yet so I don't know how hard they will be, but honestly my guess is all of them will be afk if you know what you're doing. Other then Power Surge. I know Chromatic worked hard on this update and didn't want to put more resources into it cause of DDA, but its still a half ass update in my eyes. The fact that these maps barely drop any loot, no motes, no clusters, absolutely nothing.
  4. Been playing this game for quite a bit but I never made my own "complain" post before to my knowledge, and I think its time I did. This whole system for adding a prime or map per week is one of the dumbest thing you guys have ever done. This feels like an old Trendy decision instead of the "new" Chromatic. Just a cheap way to get people to come back and one shot the maps then leave again. I didn't mind the Mastery per week because you guys actually did an event for that which was nice. Someone on discord made a good point on we wont get to fully experiment with the 2 sets of Hyper Shards and a
  5. Fair enough, cause onslaught appears to yield trash xp Yea, I hope in the future they buff the exp passed the 65th floor.
  6. Piki


    I been wanting to make a post about all the random thoughts I get while playing DD2. I will be editing this every time I get a new thought for the game -Hero: A full support Hero. Ex. Tower: Hero can place portals for party members to move fast around the map. DU Cost if no player is active on Hero, or if player is active will cost blue mana instead. Ex.Skill: Hero can place a shield on player or Tower also reflects damage back. -QoL: Lavamancer Resource: The ability to choose Fissures to Cost DU and do DMG or no DU to use as just a mana resource. (This is mainly for when you wanna play the L
  7. +1 to these points. As someone who has reset a bit I would like a better feel for resetting. I know its a time base increase for each reset but I would like to feel it slightly in the early game that makes me wanna keep resetting. I've played other MMO/Games with a Prestige/Rebirth system before and they let you feel your first prestige. You know that you prestige and they make you wanna reset again and again, you feel powerful. Examples would be a game I use to play. When you first rebirth you feel it because you get extra skills right off the bat at level 1. At level 75 you got an ultim
  8. +1 to this. A friend and I was just discussing this a few days ago. It would be a nice add on to motivate players to party with each other. It could add in skills and bonuses for partying with Guild/Clan Members. The more clan members play together the more you would level up your Guild Level. It would add similar effect of the Ancient Power bonuses.
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