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  1. I've been testing it on dummies as well as in c7 maps. So far I have found that PDT doesn't poison. Serpent's kiss shard for mystic is not poisoning at rank 1. Sand Viper mod isn't poisoning. And it could be extremely rare like everything else in the game its plopped behind a time / rng wall. But it feels like poison mods for relics are not in the game. I have made almost 3 million gold selling relics with no sighting of a poison mod. Selling relics to the abyss not to people
  2. It appears as if you fixed some of the poison things not working correctly. However the Poison Dart Tower is still failing to apply poison damage.
  3. Nah, until they do something that isn't trendy they will be trendy. They have to make a new name for themselves.
  4. Between mobs spawning with billions of hp at low levels and bee towers wholesale ignoring enemy monsters... Can we get any response from Trendy that they are aware of the problems and are working on a solution before putting coal in the next gravy train?
  5. You don't make an unintelligible comment because you cant understand the context... But regardless let me explain it to you. I am not saying give away the shards because of bugs. I am saying give away the content because the content is dead and trendy clearly has no plans to fix their basic issues that have existed for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long for any serious developer and as they are already promoting their next cash grab the likely hood of them fixing the game crippling issues in dd2 drops from little to next to none and the game begins to feel like EA's approach to battlefield 3's ATI graphics card crashing issue where they just ignored it because they made enough money off nvidia users and had already started on battlefield 4. So with the perfect storm of failure the solution is simple, fix it or officially recognize its death by giving out the shards and removing the "content".
  6. THEY ARE LEARNING MAGIC! RUN!! https://gyazo.com/aa04d231c96c35e81b1a89f6248e5bed
  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! They are seeping into the main game! https://gyazo.com/c09e205ee1dbff3c775d726a26dfe38a
  8. Yeah see I assumed when it shows the stun it was just stunned. I can't tell if those bees are out working especially if there are 6 nests per lane working on the lane. There are so many errors in this game it is sad to see so little get fixed heading into the next cash grab. I just found one the other day where if you are in build phase and somebody joins your game and you lose that wave and retry the majority of your towers become immune to upgrades lol. But it's ok I just downloaded UE4 so now I can start posting code fixes for them so they can copy paste their way to glory XD
  9. Bees do work if your tree is frozen. What you lose is the healing from the tree. You can see this by putting automation on bees and getting your tree frozen in drakenfrost keep. The bees will keep killing. My complaint here is not that mastery mode is hard. Like everything in dd2 it is not hard. My complaint is that every map is spawning invincible mobs on every wave. Notice the picture above where the warboar has 1.9 billion hp out of his max 249 thousand and takes 0 damage from anything. That is not difficulty that is poor programming as no code ever looks into mobs spawning or more health than they can have or having spawned with more health than they can have. So what i'm saying is concede the content or fix the game before moving on to the next cash grab.
  10. My brother has the automation shard and the dryad bees constantly drop to cyber orcs. For the stun things not attacking it is possible to attack without attacking depending on how actions work. For example in the mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes a character can be stunned and will still tick turns. So in theory an aura could be operating in a similar manner where every say 0.3 seconds it takes a turn doing no damage when stunned but activating the shard because it technically "attacked" for nothing. But I have never looked at their code. There are many odd interactions in the game that take some getting used to.
  11. This is a lesson in think before you speak. You can watch other players play the game, use the shard and figure out from their use ... how it works. Kind of like if I see someone get their leg eaten by a shark I can deduce that sharks have powerful bites. I myself need not have my own leg eaten... XD. You should only notice the down time in a cyber orc disable and mass amounts of frost mobs with the aura will stack freeze faster than automation can cleanse. The C8 tenacity should be giving complete immunity so it is odd that it doesn't. But I will never get the hypershards or maxed out mods because automation / tenacity is required to effectively farm remnants and mastery mobs are invincible to me so on to the next game apparently because I don't see trendy fixing the bug any time soon.
  12. Well no adding it to the store would not be a slap in the face. I stated already they have the benefit of having had them for over a year already so they are way ahead of the curve on using them. So to make them available to players like me who are locked out of mastery because invincible mobs spawn every map and every wave of every map seems worthwhile to me. As far as the automation shard is concerned it actually doesn't work the same as tenacity. Automation ticks a cure on you every time you attack (limited by cooldowns) the cure heals you a small portion of life and removes negative effects. This only happens if your tower attacks. The 100% tenacity from C8 makes you immune to all negative effects so you never suffer from them. Automation shard gets dumped on by cyber orcs and tenacity does not. Automation also fails in heavy frost waves though it can somewhat survive for a short time. As far as fixing a bug. If Trendy was going to fix it. It would be fixed. This fixable as part of spawning code. It's almost as easy as if(hp_current > hp_max){ errorfixingcode() }. I say almost as easy as because these mobs not only have an insane amount of HP but they also take damage but lose no hp from it. Since mastery has a low enough participation rate that it is essentially dead content. I deemed it fair that Trendy do what they have done to other content either completely rework it or say congrats to those who have had it and gained the advantages from it for so long and reduce it to vendors. The same way many of those incursion store items players enjoy... used to come from very difficult incursions that most players couldn't beat... now sit on a vendor locked by very easy content.
  13. I am fine with the limitation and making them unique but, for my mastery cant be completed because these invincible units spawn on every map and every wave. The odd thing is that despite only have 2 billion hp in chaos 2 that is actually a bug since it takes no damage from anything. Most of your towers would also suffer from having vicious equipped since many get worse with too much range. Such as the dryad towers just don't have the AI for it which is why nobody puts range in anything but the tree. Automation is also worse than tenacity but it is good for farming your first 100% tenacity shard. The healing on it is essentially worthless it might give you one extra hit at high level. But im stuck where mastery is literally impossible for me to complete and the shards have been in for over a year. I think the mode is dead so to me it makes sense to give it out. The players who got it from the mode got a full year head start on using it.
  14. I am kind of tired of dealing with all the bugs associated with mastery mode like invincible mobs... https://gyazo.com/3e3db52193ff9a9195ea7c3b2f82c769 Yes the warboar does have 1.99 billion hp in chaos 2 mastery and takes no damage from anything. So if you could make it so I don't have to put up with this that would be great. Again this is achieved by just putting the shards in the vendor.
  15. You play this game right? You have to farm lower tiered content right now. The only difference is without direct buying shards you have a theoretically endless "low tier snooze fest" ahead of you. At least buying shards with dust at a minimum would give you some foreseeable end to the low tier grind. That way you don't have a player who has spent 2100 hours in game and has yet to shard 4 characters....
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