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  1. OK, after the replay map update today, I was playing on floor 61, and on map 3, the lost temple, and whiling building, the games says ohhh lost connnection, ENG error, or something silly. Whatever the reason, the game crashed and now I STILL have to redo do all map 1 and map 2 again before I get back to map 3. I was unable to utilize the replay map function becasue the game crashed or connection timed out or whatever.. SOOOOOO, I still want the whole entire 3 map system to be gone with.! It makes no sence at all and only cause pain and fustration. And im considering even quitting playing dd2.u can Another way to fix this 3 map system is to have a save map inbuilt funcition that saves after you complete each map. SO we can play map 1 of 3 on tuesdays, and map 2 of 3 on wednesday, and if we want play map 3 of 3 a week later. SO we dont have to play 3 maps in a row without any savepoints. Some people dont have the time to play 3 maps in a row. We need a save point after each map, and then we can come back to it hours later or days later to finish it.
  2. For the second time now, a skeleton boss has randomly walked around all walls and went into a closed lane without any regular enemies nor the pathing line. And then the skeleton boss kils my core. This is VERY fustrating because of 2 reasons. First reason is becasue i lose because of a bug and not becasue of my building skill. I woulndt mind if i lost becasue i screw up, but losing becasue of stupid bugs and not my fault is very fustrating. The second reason is becasue I lost on map 3 each time the skeleton buged out and killed my core. Both times was on the Lost Temple New Map. So now I have to redo all 3 maps again. Not just 1. I think the whole 3 map system needs to go. Just do 1 map system. The 3 map system makes no sence at all. PLease fix the random skeletons that pop up on the Lost Temple map.
  3. Hi, I have a question. Do you plan on re releasing the water elemental shard into being able to drop again sometime in the future? The shard is an old shard that doesnt drop anymore, and I dont have that shard. But it seems like a very useful shard for beating onslought. like for the control burn lanes. Please please, make that shard drop again. it doesnt seem fair that some people have a shard that others cant even get anymore. how does that make onslought fair? this is the discription of the shard im talking about Water ElementalThe affected tower has has 5-25% chance on hit to deal 3-30% additional damage and drench enemies for 5 seconds. also another shard i dont have I hope you also let start dropping again is the Tempered Anger Shard. Mystic loses appeasement 4-40% slower and take 0-100% less appeasement damage when at 0 appeasement. I have an idea, let me be able to find these shards in higher floors of onslought, for example they will drop for me at floor 300. Anything is better than Never being able to get these shards ever again. Thanks for listening
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