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  1. It still doesnt save the progress. When I am at map 3 and then go to tavern i have to restart from map 1. Is this going to change? Some people cant play for hours to complete a Floor.
  2. Finished Floor 62 now to tavern, infinite loading screen 😬
  3. This time i went to the tavern after 3/3 and it worked. Awesome.
  4. Yesterday i tried it after reinstalling the game. Floor 61 map 1 finished. I pressed next map, Again infinite loading screen. I am quitting now until the update comes. Cost me 1 hour and no progression. I hope it gets fixed soon
  5. Reinstalling dd2 on my ps4 right now. Then going for Floor 62 and hoping it helped
  6. I did that 1 one time, didnt work for me. Second time i pressed next Floor and iT crashed the game. I am playing on a ps4
  7. Hi al defenders, I finished Floor 61 twice and both times it crashes at loading the next Floor. Do more have this problem?
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