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  1. I nominate Drew because he’s helped me a bunch this past week
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1360261705 If the Glad isn't pink enough for you I equipped my buddy Jafar
  3. I blame Travence “The Beautiful Buffalo” for making me want more stuff in DD
  4. Maybe Ethernian Holiday but if more people can get coal easier won’t that lower the value/price of coal
  5. You could have “had fun” on open mode just the same. You clearly knew the consequences of using hacked items on ranked.
  6. I think if the random pet should be only the ones you need to get for the “I’ve Got Monsters in my Pocket” minus the republican elephant and democrat donkey
  7. We were talking about putting the dice on wave 30. We could still do Mambo's idea and put a random pet on wave 20 if the community supports it, although there haven't been too many posts about it yet, so I'd like to see more support for that first. Maybe change to random pet on wave 15?
  8. Would people not be able to buy items that would cause the host’s mana bank to go over the max amount (1T)?
  9. To quickly buy and sell coal I would say at least 12b
  10. Gibson, that comment was hilarious. I can't say anything more about you because your steam profile is not connected either. But you are a very nice person from what posts I've read with you in them.
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