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  1. Thank you for the feedback everyone, I am very open to suggestions. 1. I've been trying both Juicebags builds and yours Jason Order from your earlier, but a ballista does poorly in lanes that are wide, sloped, or curved - hence not viable for most maps/lanes. Earthshaker towers are pretty damn expensive for something that only hits 1 enemy. 2.I never thought of hero DPSing the combined lanes just because you need to be ready for the wave boss. Its possible to do on small maps, but on big maps you are taking a huge risk. 3. I didn't know about the wall trick where you put one further than the other. I'll give that a try. 4. I dont like Zappers.
  2. Can I get some help with some of the more difficult lanes on Onslaught? I'm getting tired of having my butt handed to me on these ridiculous mutators/creep combinations. 1. Frost Lane + Cybork + Control Burn: Anything with a control burn lane is annoying enough, but having a cybork with a 100+ mob is unbelievably difficult to defend. Cybork disable the most reliable cc (traps/nodes) in the game leaving you with PDT's/Frosty tower as the only ranged cc, and frost enemies are immuned to the frosty : ( only PDT's and hero poison/drench/oil damage. After a wall + reflect, I usually only have enough DU for a PDT + 2 cannonball w/ stunfire, which is not enough to hold this lane. 2. Wide Lane + 200 DU lane limit + Throwers + Berserker: Defense Unit management is key to onslaught, but when you have to spend DU for 2 walls + 3 node reflect beam, it cuts in to your reserves. This can snowball in maps like the Terraria map or most of the Lost Temple just to avoid the Berserkers from surprise hitting your crystal. This can leave the last lane down to a wall with no other defenses, sometimes. 3. Choke Lane (2 or 3 lanes side-by-side or combining together) + Random Mutator + Cybork/Geode/Frost Ork: This is by far the funnest, and the most mind boggling challenge on onslaught. A good example of a frustrating choke lane would be Demon's Lair or Nimbus Reach with one of the lanes being either a Get Stronger overtime/Reduced resistance per unique source of damage/ increased phys-magic resistance mutators. Having a mix of cyborks/ Frost ork/ geode will make you want to build purely bees or ramsters but it will make your battle phase a constant nightmare. This becomes even worse when the choke is a wide lane! You can never be fully confident when building those lanes with all the things happening around you during combat phase. 4. Zappers: Nothing can kill these guys fast enough. Your best bet on defeating them is to let them hit your skyguard. Talk about a well balanced enemy. If only we have more spare DU for Flyers then this would be alright, but as it is, the most I would happily spend on a flying lane is 50 DU. If someone could help with some tips, that would be great. It sucks going in to onslaught knowing I have at least a 50% chance of winning a map, multiply that by 3 wins straight and my chances look grim (12.5% chance).
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