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  1. That actually sounds a bit more fun like adding a buff to the map/enemies to make the difficulty harder.
  2. you know i would mind 3 maps if it was like 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 or just one 3
  3. you are banned for having such a poor excuse of banning someone else.
  4. I was on the more excited(hyper maybe) side last night and laughing when i saw it.
  5. Lawlta is great to talk toor post in the Console Feedback And Discussion section. :)
  6. The dd2 game has a discord if you are trying to look for people to play with by the way. In the future don't forget to post your platform.
  7. The Ramster because it can go through geodes.
  8. Are you saying you like using the gunwitch or want to use a different ranged defender to dps?
  9. dd2tools.com is a great site to find all the new shards.
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