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  1. My concern is primarily on end-game content, which is also where many of my friends have lost interest and quit. Number 1: Ancient Power needs rework, and a good one that makes people actually want to reset. Talent caps are nice but when do players actually get to use it? The focus should be brought back to AP instead of talent caps. (I'm not coming back until this changes) Number 2: Onslaught Gating. Onslaught is too segregated. Allow grouping within each chaos tier, and free grouping past 55. +1 progress as long as the floor completed is higher. Together with more multiplayer incentives, this will make for a more enjoyable DD2 experience. Number 3: Onslaught save/1 map per floor. Crashing/DC on the 3rd map is really no fun. Or for those that may not have enough time to spend over an hour on a floor. Number 4: Continue on highest floor. This is really a big issue for those who have reset and are trying to push onslaught for higher min ascension/higher rewards/challenge. Mundane and too much time doing floors 65 to 92/114/250 all over again. Other points: - HP scaling in multiplayer is too punishing. Using the same build on lost temple, my defences are unable to hold on floor 60s for a 4 man team but perform better on much higher floors solo. - Defender packs are way too rare/give too many duplicates. Having done over 500 floors, I still don't have half of the unlockable cosmetics. - Mobs/bosses getting stuck in spawn. This happens way too often and take a long time to despawn.
  2. What was the reward for hitting floor 200? An imaginary ticket to the 200 club, and the sense of wishing that there was actually a reward there.
  3. You could have the corrupt form like one of those boosts. Starfall recharge still needed, if you die while playing another hero, this buff is removed. DPSing with dryad on the higher floors is way too risky and you end up turtling somewhere safe anyway.
  4. I never liked how much multiplayer hp scales. I love playing with others more rather than solo! However, pushing onslaught or doing resets and being in a situation where the gear is underlevelled, it becomes a really difficult decision to start a public game because it reduces the chances of success and I don't want to build a floor to see people fail, even when I know it's been built right. That being said, I still open my floors 55-65 to the public once I get a 20k medallion. On countless instances have I seen zerks slip right through the defences with only a fraction of their hp left, brought about by the 3rd/4th player that just joined. Not all the time can we find 4 players to match with and not all the time are there enough players to cover all lanes. This game is anti-multiplayer. Rather than increasing the hp pool for multiplayer, maybe the idea that I've seen floating around the forums of increasing the number of bosses could be implemented. There are many other great ideas out there too. Even if all thing s were equal, would an easier multiplayer really be that bad a thing? One thing that is for certain is that we need more multiplayer incentive! More drops and exp for working together to complete a tougher challenge!
  5. I find that placing the slime as per normal on the lane (but angling it so that if it gets emp-ed, the bees are not affected) works better than placing them offlane. This is with range gambit maxed. For frost lanes I use 1 slime, 3 bees and 2 rams. Give a backup slime and PDT for controlled burn lanes. Good to know! Does it get frozen if there are frost orcs around? Thats cool. Finally a reason to dust off ye olde lavamancer and take it for a spin haha.
  6. I find that placing the slime as per normal on the lane (but angling it so that if it gets emp-ed, the bees are not affected) works better than placing them offlane. This is with range gambit maxed. For frost lanes I use 1 slime, 3 bees and 2 rams. Give a backup slime and PDT for controlled burn lanes. Good to know! Does it get frozen if there are frost orcs around?
  7. I find that placing the slime as per normal on the lane (but angling it so that if it gets emp-ed, the bees are not affected) works better than placing them offlane. This is with range gambit maxed. For frost lanes I use 1 slime, 3 bees and 2 rams. Give a backup slime and PDT for controlled burn lanes.
  8. Thank you :) It's only about 20% more dps so not much difference. But what I have tried is building c7 trials for 4 players with Dryad. Didn't need upgrades throughout the game, so just pressing G felt pretty good haha. Corruption form was needed though. thats awesome! sadly i get bored of using dryad all the time but she is so good once you get a grasp of tower placement. Oh yea. All the more we should remove the need to play Dryad actively for corrupt form so we can play other characters! One little thing to take note of with bees for those who may not know, is that when building them in between two lanes, it is better to separate them into two groups closer to their respective lane rather than just spamming everything in the middle. While it seems like killing two birds with one stone, the bees will jump around both lanes and take up valuable time moving around and end up dealing less damage. Just like nimbuses, only faster :P
  9. Thank you :) It's only about 20% more dps so not much difference. But what I have tried is building c7 trials for 4 players with Dryad. Didn't need upgrades throughout the game, so just pressing G felt pretty good haha. Corruption form was needed though.
  10. Man, I did suffer that at floor 113, it was painful! Oh yeah. On my first playthrough, 114 took me 5 tries, this was before the rerolls were introduced. Hardest part of the floor was trying not to press esc->leave game.
  11. Sure. Lower floors were quick so I did 10-12 a day. On the upper floors, I did 5-8 a day. (I take alot of breaks haha. Longer breaks for dcing on map 3!) I rarely do more than 3 floors in a row. Also, I tried to mix it up with some c7s for exp in between floors for variety.
  12. The highest cleared floor affects your minimum ascension level, which in turn helps with getting that def crit and/or range gambit right off the bat when you reset. Although not necessary, this helps greatly with progressing through resets so it goes smoother if a player pushes onslaught floors as high as possible for more dps, or at least to satisfy 210 min asc for the aforementioned reasons. Exp gained doesn't change, the higher you go up the floors. In the long term as far as ancient power goes, there are a few ways you could go about doing it. Some may decide to do a bunch of min resets first, some may choose to get as many talent caps as possible. But if you did it in stages, i.e. grind out talent caps to push higher onslaught, rinse and repeat, then you would find that doing 65-114 or whichever floor you stopped on is honestly a hassle, not to mention the absurd amount of time for a challenge that was already overcome. I have a few friends that stopped at 70, 80 or even 92 for the flair and have then reset. Sometime in the future they may want 114, or more min asc for range gambit etc, or there may be even higher rewards being released past 114. It would thus be prudent to allow players to carry on with their highest floor and make way for the possibility of more rewards in the future.
  13. Well first of all, thank you :) Didn't expect a thread for this haha, but I'll share some of my experiences with onslaught. Previously I've done resets with around floor 80-100, and a few min resets. Because of how little benefit ancient power gives currently, it was mainly for raising the talent cap. At the time of hitting floor 250, I had 319 talent caps. Can 200+ be done without resets? Absolutely. Huge congrats to ArchaicLotus :) As to how long it took, the exp farm to 1k ascension took me about a month, while I was studying for my exams. Thats about 6x c7 per hour speedrunning a couple hours a day. After my exams, I spent just under 3 weeks in onslaught. Lower floors take 40mins and scales up to 1h on the very highest due to the mobs dying slower and the extra care needed to make sure the floor goes smoothly. A common question is, does it get lonely playing solo? Yup. I'm still human haha. On the lower floors I'd play splitscreen so I can watch videos/movies while keeping the occasional eye on the situation. However, on the higher 100s, I had to pay more attention in fullscreen because I would see the cracks in my build starting to show up. I'd have some music turned on always. Talking to friends on steam and sharing experiences is always a great way to break up the monotony :) So you can already tell, the talent caps needed to reach 926k T1 bees is a very long term grind, but in effect only gives about 20% more dps than a player with max c7 gear without resets. I have learnt much along the way doing resets with underpowered gear and learning from other players while figuring out most of the stuff as I go. What I have learnt is that DPS is never the issue. Learning how to counter the mobs and placement of towers is far more important. Everytime I hit a wall, I'd sell the tower and place it somewhere else or try a different strategy. I was constantly tweaking my build even up to floor 250. Another wall was assassins. Getting close to floor 200, it would be very tough to survive some assassins with bad mutators. To combat this, I carry a pet with sparkle party to stun them, dps hero specced with hp and I had to take out the power gambit shard just to survive. I believe that if built right, hero dps shouldn't be required. However, it would still come in handy just in case a lane fails. Obelisks are very useful for drawing aggro in order to protect your precious towers that are under a flyer lane. Occasionally, I would reroll a map once. Twice if I'm unlucky. 3 rerolls was used one time. Haven't got to the point of rerolling till failure. Could 300 have been possible? Yes. Maybe someone out there is on their way, but I'm quite tired of onslaught for now. Took a peek at floor 251 and 2 yetis spawned at the same time on the same lane. It's a sign to throw in the towel XD. Furthermore, theres many issues like crashes and DCs, skeles spawning on cores, stuff going offlane, controlled burn flyers going offlane, bees bugging out, mobs getting stuck in spawn. Determination wears thin after losing so many floors out of your control. Like Beer's great suggestion, the ability to continue on our highest floor should be an option after resetting. On that topic, I've reset to try out the new progression system and see what it's like doing it with 600 min asc. It's been pretty smooth so far and I'm loving it :) Eagerly waiting for ancient power changes! I have recorded my floors from 200 and every 10 floors following that. Check them out, maybe you might learn something, maybe not :P At the very least, it is entertaining to catch a glimpse into what extremes are out there. 250m ogres, 100m siege, 50mil assassins, --2mil-- Timmies! Sorry for the long post, heres a potato.
  14. Theres that carnival map in the Meet the Gunwitch video that I would like to play on. Is it a seasonal event thing? It looks like loads of fun! Maybe include it in onslaught/trials too as a rare "fun" map with special loot or carnival tickets to exchange for extra special stuff!
  15. Didn't know that slimes slowing zerks was a bug. If it is, it should be fixed. With that being said, slime slow affecting zerkers still does not make Dryad the issue. First it was vicious strikes, now it is slime slow on zerkers, tomorrow it will be hornets, the list goes on and on... Well placed bees/LSAs will take care of zerks. Here is a video of floor 246 with 32mil hp zerks. No slime was used on this lane. To nerf Dryad is to take a short sighted view for the future interest of the game. We need more alternatives to Dryad's defences. Change hard counters or rework poorly performing towers. Remove the necessity to even play Dryad actively.
  16. So because of how segregated the community is in onslaught due to the floor gating, maybe setting gates at each tier would be a better approach to encourage more multiplayer games. Similar to trials, as long as a player has unlocked that chaos tier, they should be allowed to play floors that are open in that tier. (Haven't reset for awhile, so I'm not exactly certain about the lower floors, but you will get the idea) For example: Floor 1-3 = Trial 1 Floor 4 = Trial 2 Floor 5-7 = Trial 3 . . Floor 55+ = Trial 7 -> Say if you have completed floor 5, you can still start a highest floor 6 by yourself, but you can also join public games of floor 5-7. Progression will still be limited to +1 per floor as long as the floor completed is higher than the current one unlocked. e.g. joining a floor 7 and completing it will unlock floor 6 for me in this case. As for c7, it is like the "deep end of the pool". If a player has unlocked floor 55, they may join any floor above 55 since gear is capped at c7 already. Another point that is not discussed enough is the ability to continue playing on your highest floor ever unlocked, as BeerGoggles and others have mentioned. e.g. a player has slogged through onslaught to 114 for the flair and hit the reset button. The next time they want to increase their min ascension level, they would have to do 65-114 again. If new rewards/flairs were introduced say at floor 150, I highly doubt most players would want to go through that process again, which is also very, very time consuming and not much of a challenge the 2nd time around. If a player's highest floor unlocked is 114, continuing on 115 will increase the min asc and talent caps as per normal. i.e. if I play floor 115, I gain +3 min asc and +1 talent cap. But what if I now play floor 66? +1 talent cap. You get +1 talent cap only once per floor that is above 65 on that reset. Not really any different from the current system. Players can still do the lower floors 66+ if they want to farm more talent caps but have the choice to push onslaught without having to go through all the floors that they have previously overcame. Allow us the option to continue on our highest floor ever unlocked. This doesn't come free because after a reset, you would still need to grind back the max gear/shards and talent points needed for the previous max floor anyway.
  17. Dryad may be versatile but it comes with an inherent limitation; you have to play Dryad actively and place trees. It comes at a price. If the Dryad dies, losing corrupt is going to cost the map. Corrupt form costs stars every wave. Trees are terrible blockades. Risk for reward. You can't put down a slime without sacrificing a mana for a tree first and have to play in corrupt form to maximise it's benefits. You have to go all in, which is what I am also against. I don't see a problem with having a defence that can counter many types of enemies which comes at a such a cost. I see a problem with how the hard counters are limiting us to using very few defences against some enemies. Slime slow is needed for cy-frost-guard controlled burn lanes. Players don't want to be limited to playing Dryad, which is why the active bonuses should be applied regardless. Honestly, I would rather be playing Gunwitch or the Abyss lord! You don't fix the tool that is used to address the problem. You fix the problem itself which are hard counters. And this can be done by many brilliant suggestions that have been posted already, like geodes having a hp on their shields, or vanguards taking reduced projectile damage. Mastery will be affected but that's part of how a game evolves. It can't be preserved in a time capsule.
  18. Was trying to upload this video earlier, but the background music got copyrighted :P Vicious strikes isn't the issue. Neither are the Dryad's towers.
  19. Completed floor 221 in 1 try without vicious strikes just to see if its possible. It didn't really change the build much since Dryad's defences are meant to destroy the enemies before they even touch the tree. Don't think of the tree as a conventional blockade. Vicious strikes helps a bit with the range which is nice but it isn't absolutely necessary to push high onslaught floors. Building placement and strategy is far more crucial to the success of the floor. Vicious strikes in trees does not need to be nerfed. It is a neat boost and a reason to play mastery, but it is by no means gamebreaking. I do not think a nerf of any kind is the right approach to this problem. Ramster is pretty OP, but nobody is screaming nerf rams. LSA is OP single target for it's mana cost, nobody is saying nerf LSA. You can't just spam hornets on a frost lane/armoured lane, similarly you can't spam only ramsters on a lane. Most heroes have a tower that makes them more useful to apply in various situations. What it comes down to is that Dryad's defences, just like Mystic's require you to actively play that hero to make full use of it's benefits. And people don't want to be locked to that one hero, but play as the class that they like the most and not be penalised for it. So removing the requirement of dryad & mystic active gameplay but retaining the bonuses will be the first step forward for both camps. Following that, rework the other towers to be useful in more situations. Then, hornets will be just another tower to choose from your arsenal and players will no longer feel like they're compelled to specifically play Dryad.
  20. Trees are already small in size and without aggro. That doesn't really help in effectively walling off against rogue skeles and zerks. Combined with the good natural range that comes with bees/nimbus, it's not a far-fetched idea that Dryad is like a ranged class. Kill stuff before it reaches the tree, and vicious strike allows us to do so. Lack of walls means opening up the lane to the risk of rogue mobs. It isn't any different from playing other characters and relocating the DU to build more traps instead of a blockade. The difference is that Dryad must still build a tree. More risk for more reward. The build shouldn't always be a standard blockade+towers. There are phased and wall leech mutators that discourage just that. I'd rather a buff to other towers that are underutilised rather than a nerf to what is now a core aspect of Dryad gameplay.
  21. I dced on the 3rd wave of the 3rd map. On my 2nd try, I got to the 3rd map again and a windows update forced restart my computer. These are just a few out of many instances where me and many others have encountered, which makes us lose all progress and effort put into a floor. This leaves a disappointing experience with the game. Map save or 1 map per floor (but reset to 1st map if all rerolls failed) is more in line with the dev's intentions, as witnessed by the reroll cap of 3. As opposed to a simple 1 map per floor, a player could select only the easiest map of every stage up to the highest level they wish to play. Effectively only cycling through 3 maps in onslaught.
  22. Deleted my mystic dps hero from my deck. It was the only reason I dps with mystic, and to be honest it wasn't even overpowered in terms of damage before.
  23. I had a vampyric siege roller on the leftmost lane of Nimbus Reach. While I appreciate that the Starfall ability was fixed since the last patch, the left lane still remains bugged (star falls straight through the ground dealing no damage). My basic attacks were not enough for a 45m hp roller even when my attention was focused on it early on. It was almost dead but managed to get to the tree, and in the few seconds it took to get around to sell the tree, it was back up to 25m hp. I think that Vampyric is a neat concept, but it should make bosses harder rather than impossible to kill.
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