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  1. After pushing up to floor 60 in onslaught, I have to say there are just so many sh.itty unpolished ideas. 1) Tower AI, dyrad bees and nimbus sometimes ignore flying units depends on the random ass AI. Why not make them target the closest to our cores to give us more predictable behavior? 2) Anti air sky guard is just crap unless you have enough ascensions, completely shut down by kami. PDT again sh.itty AI problem. 3) onslaught 3 floor unsave? just wew face palm. 4) multiple players increase difficulty, but the shared gems isn't? As a co-op game, sometimes it feels easier solo. TBH I don't se
  2. Do these two stat have any meaningful difference in this game? I have 260k and 25k armor, 6.5k a piece, on my dyrad and I still get one shot by a dumb orge boss in floor 60. I have warm scarf, while I don't have bulwark see these stupid results really doubt it makes a difference. Should I ignore health all together and just get ability, hd, and hc?
  3. Should I go hero damage or ability power for a dps hero ev2 :D
  4. Any1 getting massive teleports? My character shifts a few units backwards and forward random and annoying as fk cuz that cause me to die in no death mastery missions .... Something on my end or trendy's walmart server end?
  5. If i use ancient power at ascension 250, which is min I think, then i get reset to w/e the min ascension lvl is. If i want to do a reset a second time around would I have to grind back to ascension 250?
  6. What makes this shard bad having 70% raw damage over a defensive crit adding only 34% when ur critting, which is capped at 33% right?
  7. There was a small pathway and i put down two fking trees and chaos 3 homos r just walking through like it wasn't there wdf?
  8. Are the hub localize to 20 people max? And is the war table also localize to the exclusive 20 people? I can't tell if sh.it is poorly design or is this game dead. I almost never find party for anything really, from campaign when i first started 4 days ago to chaos 2.
  9. As a free to play player should I get EV2 or dryad? Pros and cons?
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