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  1. I have 1k+ hours on DD1, and I've played the beta for ~6 hours. I'm at the point where I am close to completing all 4 maps on insane survival. Here are my thoughts: Positive: I really like the art style, and the general feel of the maps and characters. Goblins with tongues out is super funny! I like the hero stamina system, I think it's nice being able to spam hero abilities at early levels without wasting precious tower mana. Instant character switching is nice, but to make sure it isn't over-powered in the late game, keep the build phases short. I like that there is an "idle" period when you load into a map, it allows me to plan my build, and look at the map before the build phase starts. I didn't like the hero deck exp system at first, but now I think it is a good idea. I think it allows people to play as a dps character and actually do something during the wave while at the same time leveling up their defensive characters, which can help get rid of boring afk leveling, and people using emulators to level 4 characters at once. Here is an idea for this: Maybe make the deck start at 2 characters, and slowly get bigger as the player completes tougher maps, up to a max of 5 characters or so. I like the Aura/Trap health circle bar. I really like having my own loot instead of having to fight for loot with other players. Negative: This will be a priority list (1 is highest priority) Fix performance issues. THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM!!! I have a powerful computer, and I am getting less than 30fps on insane survival waves in the deeper well. I AM VERY CONCERNED. These maps are absolutely tiny compared to crystalline dimension on DD1, and we aren't even at nightmare+ difficulty yet. This HAS to be fixed before the game releases, I don't see how the Nintendo Switch can run the game at this point. Here are my computer specs for reference: CPU = i7 4770k, GPU = GTX 1070, RAM = 16Gb. Fix multiplayer network issues. ANOTHER MAJOR PROBLEM!!!! I have a desktop computer hooked into a solid Ethernet connection, and I am getting network de-sync issues. This is a major problem for DD1, especially on the bigger maps with tons of monsters. I played DDA multiplayer with 3 total defenders on insane survival, and I experienced NOTICEABLE de-sync issues. For example, I would be walking in a direction, and the game would teleport me to another location. This makes multiplayer in DD1 so much less enjoyable, because everyone except the host has to sit afk, because they literally cannot move without rubber-banding all over the place. If this issue is not fixed, the multiplayer experience will be increasingly more frustrating as we reach the late game. UI This is just a temporary UI, and you have stated that it will be overhauled, so I am not worried about this. Upgrade/Repair I lose my cursor so often in the wave. Make the cursor bigger, with the option to change the size ourselves. Also, when repairing, my cursor should snap to the most damaged tower in my repair range. Difficulty The insane survival difficulty spike at wave 10 is very jarring. I recommend smoothing this out. Overall, I am very excited for this game, but some serious work needs to be done before launch.
  2. Just make sure you can pay this value with coals, diamonds or cubes yeah i can
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