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  1. The reroll system is okay, but it can still be a grind and a half unless you're lucky enough to find them for sale. Well, how about the ability to transform those garbage 10/10's into X amount of reroll tokens?
  2. Thanks for the clarifying that. Would be interesting to test it out. Explosive poison deals damage, while shatterquake leaves behind damage. They both still have secondary A.O.E damage though.
  3. I stand corrected. Bit of a brain fart! I was thinking of elemental chips. Like a fire chip on a weapon would do 2x damage of the chip's value only.
  4. Interesting question. Also, same goes for Explosive Poison, as they both leave behind secondary AOE. As it does state the further away the 'source' of damage, and the fact the tower itself is the initial source, I would hazard a guess it would count as longshot. But yeah, It would be great if we had an official clarification.
  5. Good idea there for sure. But I can't see a single costume or pet being worthy of 30$.. Maybe if we got promised in some way access to future dlc content up to the value of 30$ And that would be a lot of dlc indeed. We could perhaps argue on forever on what might be best. All we can 100% agree on at the end of the day is that we want them to make DD:A The greatest ever. Taking into account the fact there are over 2000 backers with the physical rewards (and we don't know what portion of those backers are from outside of the U.S.) and the fact that Chromatic have already 'ate' a portion of that cost (and again, a figure we don't know) Just to speculate, If 50% of those 2000+ backers were outside of the U.S it would mean a whopping $30,000 or more.. or less.. to cover the rest of the shipping cost. Chromatic made a mistake. They're human, and what's done is done. Say they just took it on the chin and ate the rest of the cost, worse case for all of us would mean either dropping down a flex goal or maybe enduring some delay in the game.. They've already eaten a portion of the cost. Why not go the WHOLE way? (It can be assumed that it was taken out of the Kickstarter fund anyway unless they had spare change lying around) either way, they paid part of it. So basically give a FULL REFUND to those who have already paid shipping. To mitigate their cost and to lessen any potential impact on the production of the game (if any); -They could offer us a meaningful amount of DD2 gems (for those that want them) so that current and new DD2 players can splash out a bit, have some fun and make the most of the game up to, and beyond the launch of DD:A, which could also act as another path to promote interest and get new backers. -And as a second option, they could offer us something premium that's DD:A related, (like a future dlc bundle pass, themed hero costume set etc) They simply add these two options direct to the Backer store (and maybe the DD2 emporium?) available as a limited time only and one-off special purchase for ALL backers and DD2 players. Pricing wise, each bundle would have to be affordable, lets say between 10$ and 25$ That above all, must represent great value for money. Those are just my thoughts and suggestions..
  6. Bear in mind that the 2x damage the frost mobs take is only from the fire damage itself, and not the primary relic stat. As suggested, Destruction/Rate/Deadly Strikes is best or Vamperic if you don't mind trading the range for power. If you don't have a gilded Rate shard, for starters, it may best to go with a rate mod as well (any quality will get you up to the rate cap) So Rate Servo +Fire Servo +Anti-Melee/Anti-Orc or Anti Frost is okay if you want to target the frosties as long as you don't mind sacrificing the physical damage of the hornets. Anti-Mele / Support / Ranged as you have is a very good all round combo. Anti-Melee + Anti Chaos or Anti-Orc / Anti-Frost is good if you want to stack up the power.
  7. Damn me. In that case, I take it back. I just must be really crap at this game. Lol.
  8. Floor 200 with zero defenses? I somehow find that a little hard to believe. I wouldn't say it's quite THAT op lol.. Even in full chaos 8 gear, 10/10 mods, full ancient power and fully capped out assension.. Just maybe..
  9. *cough* It's a bizzarre bug that's been around some while that only seems to happen when you have a weapon equipped with frostfire remnants and are using earthshatter towers. We can only hope it won't be fixed at some time. Edit: urrm.. *will
  10. It kind of reminds me of whilst first encountering a Seige Roller in campaign, and how we had to figure out they had a weakpoint. After a little trial and error and head scratching, we did it. But I can see how the Draken Lord might be a bigger challenge for new players. One aspect of the Draken Lord i find is the fact that it adds an extra challenge akin to the rollers, that forces you to be more alert and can make it alomost impossible to afk some maps.. which for some players can be a bit of a double-edged sword, but personally, I kind of like it.
  11. Hehe.. looks like you've discovered one of the best weapon mods currently in game. And yes, how you've described it is working as intended. Defeating an enemy leaves an area of frostfire a.o.e damage on the ground. When another enemy walks into that frostfire and is also defeated, the enemy will explode and spread even more frost damage. If the enemy is also drenched, it casues that enemy to be frozen and you can also proc a shatter combo. It kinda has the same affect as a boom mod as it spreads frost damage in an area. Bear in mind though, to get the freeze, some form of drench is required. So add that for some insane freeze and crowd control! Turning wyverns into huge blocks of ice and watching them plummet can be great fun, and those chain reactions are a sight to behold that can rack up as long as there is a constant stream of enemies! I wouldn't describe it as overpowered though, It's just.. very efficient! But anyway.. sssshhhhh... we dont want the devs to hear about this one!
  12. I agree. The reward system definately needs a look at. Maybe even some of the defender medal pets could be introduced as a reward for high floors? On a plus side, it will be interesting to see what direction and changes can be made if the community development team get to take over sometime in the near future, and one can hope that they have some freedom to do some changes and add more content.
  13. Thank you for the explanation, I do apprecciate it. It's really good to see that you're trying to put things right and it's also nice to see an open thread that we can engage with. I can understand it would be very difficult for you to make everyone happy. Since I do play DD2, I would be satisfied receiving gems. However, as much as I, and others might apprectiate it, I do think that the amount of gems on offer is on the low side (in terms of monetary value) and I'm not quite sure how you came to that figure.. 1100 gems would set me back £7.99 here in the UK.. (around 10$) That's one cheap t-shirt and poster!.. 10$ would only cover half the cost of a shirt alone, considering you have them priced at 20$ in your backer store. Then you have to take into account the poster's value. Additionally, although 3300 gems would seem to cover the 30$ postage, It's not really comparable. For example, the option is always there for DD2 players to purchase gems in game should they chose to do so at thier own free will. In this case offering to 'trade' gems as a reinbursement for postage costs or, to make up for a loss in physical goods isn't the same, as no other option is viable without either of us losing out in some way, financially or otherwise. With all that said, you have come up with a reasonable solution that may please a fair number of us, but with the utmost respect to you all at Chromatic, I think you could to be a little more realistic with the amount of gems on offer, and maybe look more at a fourth solution, like creating a custom bundle for those wishing to downgrade? Best regards to you all, keep up the hard work. Really looking forward to see what awesomeness DD:A will have in store for us!
  14. Ooh I wish they were too! And I'm too burnt out on doing the Wyvern Enthusiasts and the Bling King for my weeklys. Ugh..
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