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  1. Now Im sure the majority of DD1 players/PC gamers as a whole use a keyboard and mouse. I've enjoyed many hours of Dungeon Defenders myself using a controller (back in the day on the Xbox 360), and more recently DD2 on the Xbox One, and now DDA and Redux, (having almost ditched console play completely within the last year!) Now with my new found joy of PC gaming, I love to sit back in my recliner in front of the TV and also have a compact wireless keyboard close to hand so can still use some of the useful hotkeys on offer. However, one frustrating issue, is that when firing a ranged type weapon using a controller, it has an auto-aim on by default, which is in itself not perfect, whereas using a mouse, you can point the crosshair while controlling the camera angle and shoot at almost anything you wish. Using a controller, the up/down movement from the right gimble stick is limited (unless in FPV - and even though this freely changes the camera angle, there is still auto-aim) I think having auto aim can be annoying at times when trying to shoot at wyverns or other specific things in the distance. Also, it makes completing The Temple of Love map in particular almost impossible, as there's no way to aim directly at the Cupid Bosses. (I do actually like auto aim most of the time, just not in situations like this)- Maybe there could be a toggle swich on/off alongside the Mele-Auto Step towards target option? or alternatively, just add a crosshair and fix it so that it directs weapon projectiles at thier intended target while in first-person view only. Third Person View = Auto Aim On First Person View = Auto Aim Off And finally, I know it's not such a big deal, but perhaps the controller screen display U I can be updated to match that of the mouse/keyboard style, (the keyboard version has slightly smaller ability hot key and hero health/mana icons, and the active Hero Name and Score is on the bottom-right of the display and I think it does look better that way. Yeah.. I know I could simply avoid these issues by just playing with a Keyboard and Mouse... But, I'm sure there are some of us like myself who really appretiate the people and powers that do such wonderful work could maybe could now look into fixing these issues sometime in the near future.. Thank you! :)
  2. You'll need to submit a support ticket via this link:- https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Try and give as much infornation as possible and be paitent waiting for a response.
  3. This is great thank you! Just gotta love those Mythical defender packs! Slightly off topic here also, but also the winter sale started on Steam yesterday where the entire DD1 collection can be had at 75% off.. Woot! Happy Hollidays
  4. Unfortunately Chromatic don't have any plans to create any new content for DD2 as they are focused now on Awakened. However, the game may possibly be looked after by a Community Development Team at some point in the near future, who may be interested in submissions and new ideas for the game. Just keep an eye out on these forums and the news section.
  5. Frosties are a pain in the *ss! Once your defenses get frozen, a way to counter it is by over-capping rate on your defenses so you will need a defense rate shard (preferably gilded) and a derense rate mod at chaos 8. Can't quite recall now but I think with that set up, even when frozen your defense will be at about 80% and should do a reasonable job. Also try stack as many auras/fissures as close to the spawn as possible and even add in an earthshatter tower for some cc.
  6. LSA is a fine choice as suggested, but currently I like to use it in the boost aura. Gets some really nice slowing CC with the Boosted Grasp shard. And of course, it will also boost your LSA, making it a nice choice in omega boss waves or general boss killing if you're using that setup. Alternatively, just swich between the two to suit your needs or when you don't want to have to factor in a boost aura in every build.
  7. I would just concentrate on guilding 4 or 5 shards at a time. Should only take up one page, they're not all worth taking up your invrntory. Some shards aren't even worth guilding, If you're looking at AP resets, just try and get at least Destruction, Defense Rate and Deadly Strikes guilded for your main 2 or 3 defenses.
  8. What I meant was that I think a reroll counter would simply complement the existing reroll system and would be useful too for the people that wouldn't want to blow all 286 tokens and 858 motes straight to a 10 - which I thought was a great idea that hailminion suggested as a possible additional feature.
  9. Great idea! I think a reroll counter would be very useful too to keep track of how many tokens are used as not everyone (me at least!) is good at saving up all 286 of them before going to work.. XD
  10. When we are rerolling mods or primary stats, what is the purpose of prompting us whether we would like to keep the roll? After all, why would anyone want to keep a worse roll? Wouldn't it make more sense for an equal or better roll to simply automatically apply and be locked? I believe this would save heartache for some players who might acidentally roll past a 10, especially if it's down to lag or something else out of thier control.
  11. Ouch.. That's pretty unfortunate. This could serve as an example for Chromatic to look at making a change so that maybe any rolls that are higher, would automatically apply rather than the player be prompted every time. After all, why would anyone want to keep a worse roll? Also, bear in mind that there is a magic reroll protection number which means you're garunteed a 10 every 286 rerolls. Ooh the grind.. :/
  12. Any relic that has a Shocking Revelation/Water servo combo created before the last patch will still function. You shouldn't really feel bad about using it though. It can be thought of by some as a bit of an exploit but taking into account the high DU cost, it's really more a convienience thing rather than make or break and there are other effective CC options that cost less DU. If you do feel uncomfortable though, just put the relic aside for safekeeping and try something else like Earthshatter towers, (ideally with Shatterquake mod) WM or Proton Beams with Earth, and then throw in poison dart tower or two which can be highly effective. There was a backlash after Chromatic hastily disabled the Shock/Water combo and they have recently stated during a livestream that they are working in trying to bring it back into the game in some form that will please all players, and also added that current players need not feel bad about using it. They also said that they will be looking at bringing the taunt mechanic back in with the petrify so they work together in a balanced way.
  13. And a helmet and glove are both armor pieces. None of the mods are specific to their respective pieces so it would make sense to be able to move them around just like with relics. Not sure about 2500 DM though. Sounds a little steep. Considering you can buy shards for 1000 DM (bargain IMO) and that you're more likely to find a specific mod than you are a shard, Maybe that would be a fair amount plus 10 of each material? Heck, though it may disrupt the player markets, why not even even have a mod vendor in town that would sell mods? Now that WOULD be too easy XD
  14. So I think some of us have been in this situation before.. then again, maybe it's just me XD When you're clearing out and selling stuff from your inventory, you'll sometimes accidentally equip a random, sometimes cruddy piece of armour to one of your heroes. Then, if you're like me, you don't notice until.. maybe a couple maps or more later or even the next day you play. -_- What follows is usually a very brief moment of panic and then relief as you realise your prize armour peice is safely sitting in your bag, thankfully with a lock on it. I don't know if this issue is only limited to people who use controllors, or just to myself.. but as well as a sell 'lock', what if we had the abilty to lock armours and weapons to your hero also to prevent them being accidentally swapped?
  15. Though, water to explosive trap won't work and is a mistake you only make once. As I once discovered. XD But having the ability to name relics would be so useful. And I hope that they do implement it.
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