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  1. You'll need to submit a support ticket via this link:- https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Try and give as much infornation as possible and be paitent waiting for a response.
  2. This is great thank you! Just gotta love those Mythical defender packs! Slightly off topic here also, but also the winter sale started on Steam yesterday where the entire DD1 collection can be had at 75% off.. Woot! Happy Hollidays
  3. Unfortunately Chromatic don't have any plans to create any new content for DD2 as they are focused now on Awakened. However, the game may possibly be looked after by a Community Development Team at some point in the near future, who may be interested in submissions and new ideas for the game. Just keep an eye out on these forums and the news section.
  4. I depends what you think you may be missing? Most DD:A related items except for Beta access keys are due to be sent out at, or sometime around release. This thread lists all the current reward statuses:
  5. I have a feeling everyone would have got the chance to get the items anyway at some point. Too me, the way they have listed the 'Editions' could be deemed a little misleading. Sure, you will get the Hero Skins and 'Awakened' Phoenix Pet, but in no way does it state that these are 'exclusive' to the Editions and niether does it actually state that these items are pre-order 'exclusives' of any sort. They seem no different to the DD2 editions of past and present, where various pets and costumes are included, all of which are also obtainible in-game. I have a feeling that the Awakened Phoenix Pet will most likely drop in game as a map reward of sorts anyway, and I would assume the Crystalline and Rift skins would probably be part of DLC's available either at, or sometime after launch. I do hope they do find a way though so that backers can be offered these extra items and also a way for people like the OP to upgrade to one of the new and better Editions that weren't available previous. Personally, as a backer, I also wouldn't mind spending out a little extra as long as the price reflects the current value as if I were to purchase the Editions.
  6. A fair argument, though backers never 'bought' the pet. it's thought of as a 'reward' for backing early with a pledge amount. The same can be said for pre-order 'bonuses' they are just that. Nothing but a bonus or 'freebee' of sorts. Besides, If the pets have equivilent stats to one which would normally drop in game and gives no advantage at all to the player, then there is no problem. So it just becomes a cosmetic difference. On a second thought, as a suggestion, they could always just provide backers with a Kickstarter Girraffe redeem code, which whatever time they choose to use it, would generate a pet with stats which would match the current level/progress of the player.
  7. This definately! I would be expecting something a little special. Though, I personally would perhaps want something with near to end game stats, so it doesn't become obselete, and which can be used through the future game. Of course It would have to have a high leval equipability so it wouldn't be usable from the start which would be the downside. But still.. It would give a little something to look forward too grind the levels up. Also, another thought.. some may recall how the Chicken end game pet reward was on DD1 (on consoles at least) I remember that it had a lock on it so couldn't be dropped or sold and maybe not even traded on PC? That is also something which may be worth doing so it stays forever yours..
  8. Haven't they any plans for there to be an open and ranked mode like in DD1? It seems there will probably always be a small minority of people who will want to play the game, but have no real interest or even understanding of a tower defense strategy game, and get all thier fun out of one-shot killing everything with hacked gear, or seeing thier bowling balls spit out like machine guns..! Where there's a will, there's a way.. Evidence of that is on the last gen consoles, where some clever player or two initially found a way to decompress the Hex save files so they could be manipulated, and then opened the way and created and distributed easy to use tools for use by anyone with basic computer knowledge who could follow a simple tutoral. The 360 game has been broken for years. Stopping hackers ruining the game for us legit players is a huge challenge, though they seemed to have done a decent job in DD2, as I can't recall any instances of hacking or modding taking place.. (though I may be wrong) and that's because of server side game saves. I, like the vast majority of us would like the ability to play Awakened offline though and will hope they do indeed have a strong anti-cheat system in place.
  9. Some nice comparisons there! We can only hope it's just a case of work in progress.. at the moment, the new art style doesn't really give much feeling of atmosphere to me.. The art of DD1 feels more organic. Of course, it's not supposed to be a remake DD1, and isn't really a fair comparison. It doesn't look like they are trying to emulate the original style, but I think that it may forever stand as a benchmark to what some of us look to expect as I think the graphics is big part of the reason DD1 was, and still is loved by many of us.
  10. Agreed! Just some mild censorship I think.. lol. The same way they toned down the Huntress's 'features'
  11. I agree, the colours don't look great. Has more of a DD2 feel to it I think. But why the change from the progress art they showed off? It looked pretty spot on to me..
  12. Have to agree, didn't really like any of the character models to start with, though they've kinda grown on me. Huntress looks great, Apprentice and Monk I could live with, but the Squire's face/helmet combo is just.. WHY!? And it keeps getting worse the more I see it.. I think they should just have him either with a Countess style helmet, or with the old tin bucket on his head and then just portray him in the cutscenes etc without his helmet on. It would be kinda nice to see his face for once. Surely there's a human head under there right?
  13. Frosties are a pain in the *ss! Once your defenses get frozen, a way to counter it is by over-capping rate on your defenses so you will need a defense rate shard (preferably gilded) and a derense rate mod at chaos 8. Can't quite recall now but I think with that set up, even when frozen your defense will be at about 80% and should do a reasonable job. Also try stack as many auras/fissures as close to the spawn as possible and even add in an earthshatter tower for some cc.
  14. LSA is a fine choice as suggested, but currently I like to use it in the boost aura. Gets some really nice slowing CC with the Boosted Grasp shard. And of course, it will also boost your LSA, making it a nice choice in omega boss waves or general boss killing if you're using that setup. Alternatively, just swich between the two to suit your needs or when you don't want to have to factor in a boost aura in every build.
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