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  1. I support a retry function under the condition It keeps the lane schedules the same so it doesn't give the player an incentive gameplay wise to abuse it's function.
  2. Ancient temple map on its own isn't difficult it is the lane spawns and modifiers that you might get in what lanes is what makes it difficult. I'm not going to argue that having to redo maps isn't frustrating however if the retry button IF it also re rolls the spawns from say frost lanes to say a very easy lane why wouldn't everyone just reroll with retry till they got something easy and then onslaught gets degraded to simply rolling rng.
  3. Completely get that frustration. We mentioned it on Friday that'd we're looking into changes right now, and that is one of them, seen here: Be careful about the execution of the retry maps on onslaught. Ever since onslaught was out it catered to a more hardcore audience, onslaught and mastery changes how players build and punishes the player if the build was bad. Should a retry feature be included there is a chance the most efficient method of moving up floors is to simply retry maps till the spawns are favorable.
  4. Not particularly trendy just needs to get rid of the games bugs causing players to lose their progress in onslaught. A save feature in onslaught or a change to 1 floor feature would make more savvy players to simply restart maps till the spawns and maps were favorable. If players can just simply roll maps and spawns till their favorable onslaught will not be as fun because that would be the most efficient way to move up floors therefore naturally no one would play the legitimate way.
  5. Developers can easily put a cap on the exp stack bonus if that was their REAL intention with Need a break.
  6. Power of The Ancients brought along a very annoying feature which has little to no functional value in its current form. After completing x amounts of maps usually 6-8 (not sure what the exact number is) the game forces you to stop playing whatever it is that you were playing most notably effects players onslaught / chaos trails. The reason why this is so annoying is because it slows down player progression forcing the player to load into tavern only for them to just remake another room aka more time in a loading screen. Now Its not that the idea of reminding the player to take a break isn't good, it is that its current form isn't good because it Forces them out involuntarily; a dedicated player returning to tavern and making a new room essentially makes this mechanic function less. Simply making a take a break text pop out would already be sufficient letting the player know, hey you already played for a while. I also highly doubt this mechanic actually made any dedicated players take a break when they wanted to continue. No one likes when someone tells them what they can and can't do. The need a break button also has a logistical flaw, there is a bonus in chaos trails where a player receives bonus shards of that difficulty tier for having consecutive wins. The button Breaks a players win streak. This function is basically taking shards away from players who are farming specific chaos trails for specific shards. Lets make up a scenario, a player in chaos 7 gear plays chaos 3 for deadly strikes he decides to play 30 games for shards. Lets also assume the take a break button shows up after 8 maps. Under no lose circumstances a player receives the consecutive win bonus after 3 wins so the player will get 58 chaos 3 shards. Now with the take a break function breaking his streaks the player only gets 52 and if we are being generous assuming the button shows after 10 maps 54 shards. Not a huge difference but the player is still losing shards for a unnecessary reason wasting their time. The button also effects public play. As rare as it is there are good public rooms to experience dungeon defender. As soon as the host gets that button the room gets disbanded and unless people friended each other rather quickly these players would likely not see each other for some time in a good scenario and never again in a bad scenario. Currently the mechanic has negative effects on players and the community. Solution: Keep the need a break button as a reminder of how long they been playing but allow the player to continue if they wish to, therefore players take breaks and there are no negative consequences on the community.
  7. Ive also been trying to Post images to where i know specfically instances of this bug occuring but ive been having trouble posting up the images.
  8. After playing onslaught for a long while and observing the mobs behavior there are certain patterns mobs follow for example cobalts target towers ex. Cannonball tower. Ranged mobs target barricades/objectives as soon as they see one. However as of 12/27/17 Ranged mobs seemingly target baricades and objectives randomly. Certain spots in certain maps make the baricade untargeted by ranged mobs at all. I'm almost certain ranged mobs are coded To attack the closest baricade type structure since before 12/27/17 Ranged mobs were always predictable with Precisely where they attacked what they attacked. Either ranged mob aggresion has changed or there is a bug effecting how ranged mobs behave. This information is crucial in onslaught where a players build needs to be extremely precise down to where the player expects mobs to be and where they start attacking otherwise the players ability to win in a high onslaught floor is inhibited sometimes due to the randomly generated spawn Impossible to win. Right now currently in onslaught there are spots in maps where a baricade is not targeted by ranged mobs.
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