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  1. I highly agree. I don’t see how Trendy would remove the cybork and geode lane schedule, but not the cybork and vanguard lane schedule. It really does seem like a no brainer. If they did this it definitely would open up so many more tower options. For example, when you get the lane where you have cyborks, vanguards, and frost enemies with the mutator, spell breaker; you are literally forced to use bees only. Unless you want to use 5+ ramsters which is highly inefficient.
  2. I’m making this thread so people can give some quick pointers on how to make DD2 a better game, or features they would like to see come in the future. I’ll start with my ideas: - Reduce the amount time it takes to get to ancient power 50, significantly - Make the grind of getting ancient power (Repeatably doing trials/onslaught) less repetitive and boring - No one wants to reset their account, so help us out a little bit and maybe don’t de-level shards or something like that on reset If you ever think of a change that should happen to the game, feel free to post here. I’m on the edge of quitting DD2, but some of these ideas shown here, if they are added to the game, could change that and make DD2 a game I actually look forward to playing. Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas. :)
  3. I know the feeling bud. :( After resetting 4 times (which I pretty much fully regret) I almost never play anymore because I know that when I do play it’s just gonna be the same thing for minor bonuses.All we can do for now is wait to hear what Trendy is going to do with onslaught and hopefully it’s something that will make the game more enjoyable for newer and veteran players.
  4. Since trendy just got back from their Christmas break and this thread has been going down the list so they will probably never see it, I’m just gonna bump it once and hopefully you guys will see this and maybe respond with your thoughts. :)
  5. Onslaught so far to me has been a huge bag of mixed emotions. Onslaught does something’s really good, but also does something’s really poorly. My main concern is ancient power. I don’t know who would want to reset everything they worked for, even if the reward is good. Some may argue that the increased ascension caps will really make a difference. Although this is true, the amount of time it will take to reach 999 caps is just too unrealistic and you also have to take into consideration how long it will take to grind to 3000 ascension to get the most benefit. DD2 has a small community and the amount of players that will ever reach 50 ancient power is such a small number. Also another huge concern for me is how boring it will be to prestige and progress to floor 65, 50 times... I’ve seen so many people complaining that they can’t even get past floor 57! If they can’t even prestige once I can’t imagine they will be able to do it 50 times. Ways to improve 1. Instead of being able to put 5 points into each ancient power category for 1%, make it so that you can only put 1 point into each category for 5% (2.5 for the other ones). Not only would this greatly reduce the amount of times one will have to reset from 50 times to 10, it will also make you feel a lot more stronger then a 1% increase each time. This would make me feel so much more motivated because I know that in the near-ish future I will achieve max ancient power. Even 10 levels in the current state of the game for most people would require quite a big time sink. Personally I don’t even want to continue to prestige after 2 times because of how bored I am of doing the same thing over and over, but I also feel like I will never be motivated enough to reach 50 levels. 2. Reduce the amount of time it takes to get to floor 65. Once you get to floor 60, each floor will contain 3 maps, and the third is always the lost temple. I think this constant 3 maps a floor should start on 65 instead of 60. This is a small change but it would make the last 5 floors feel so much quicker and less painful. Also I’m pretty sure trendy is already adding this, but a way to retry a map when you lose would definitely save some people’s sanity. 3. In game tutorial of enemy icons. If you’ve completed a c7 match you automatically started at floor 55. When you load into floor 55 for the first time, and look at the boards for all the mobs in a lane, you might have no idea what the mobs do which makes it impossible for a new player to succeed because they won’t know what to build. imo, you shouldn’t be forced to look up what each enemy does in a spreadsheet some other player made. An in game tutorial of what each enemy does with maybe a video would relive so much stress a newer player will have. I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of a newer player saying something like “there’s these weird blue Orcs coming out of the lane and my flame auras aren’t killing them!” If the player had some way of knowing that these emp Orcs disable ground defences then we wouldn’t have this problem. Conclusion All these ideas are just my opinions that I think will make onslaught more enjoyable for newer players and veterans. I don’t know if others share this opinion, but I don’t want an infinite progression which is what ancient power feels like. I want to hit a max so that I feel like I really achieved something. 50 levels feels like it would take an infinite amount of time to accomplish. I really hope Trendy reads this and responds just to see what they think of these ideas. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got every thing you wanted :) Best regards, Sstonne
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