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  1. Was browsing costumes and found this.... obviously a bug but .. is it a new costume???
  2. Like everyone else said, all we can do is be better players, brush it off, and set by example. This is a great community with a lot of awesome and friendly players. Players like that will just wash themselves out...
  3. Mods don't level to the gear they are moved to.... they move over at their current level.... so in your example I would have a C7 item with a C2 mod on it (C1 mod with +1 natural progression upgrade performed when C6 was upgraded to C7). Mods must be leveled naturally in order to be upgraded and used on higher chaos level gear at that higher level.
  4. One solution to this would be to add this type of filter to the already existing search tab in inventory if you could search on mods and filter by quality it would make adding a new sort mechanism moot.
  5. Here's some information as to why MODS works this way : M.O.D.S is actually the return of passives of the NM4 days. The huge concern players have about passives is getting the combinations right. For example, you got the gear with perfect stats that you wanted, and unfortunately.....one of three passives rolled isn't what you wanted. The other two are perfect, it's the third that ruins it. Which then you're back to farming again. I wasn't into that kind of farming back then but I heard it was quite horrendous. And so the devs convert the passive into shards to fix the problem where you can move the passives as freely as you want. However, one of the effects was making gear quite uninteresting. Which then bring us to M.O,D.S. now as to make gear interesting again with tinkering (moving MODS) as the solution to the passive combination problem. I like your explanation, thank you for that.... I think my concern is not so much with the mods and moving them around as it is with the destroying of the original item. Many of us long term players swap gear to use and try out different hero builds like ability power hero vs tank dps hero etc. In most cases I want the same mods on that gear but I don't want to destroy my near perfect helmet that has armor and hero health for my tank DPS in exchange for my near perfect helmet that has armor and ability power that I would use for a ability power hero build... If that makes sense.... it is possible to have several pieces of high stat gear for different builds that you want to move mods around to and the fact that one must be destroyed to use mods on the other is.... not really acceptable in my opinion.
  6. Thanks.... was trying to come up with some mechanism that would promote playing the game but reward players that need to farm by increasing their chances of getting what they want without outright breaking the game.
  7. Yeah I understand that.... I guess I don't have a problem supporting Trendy and the developers, there are so few things you actually have to pay for in the game....that having to pay for this.... didn't seem like that big of a deal to me.... but I could see where it may upset some players.... Thanks for posting a response.... I like to get feedback from other players.
  8. This is a just a suggestion but being a long time player and having to farm for days on end for shards I thought I would make a suggestion to change the consecutive win bonus. I suggest instead of just giving an additional shard pack for that level that you have the game generate 2-3 shards from the available shards at that level and let the player pick which one they want. I envision like a slot machine wheel that spins and generates 2-3 random shards from that level and lets the player pick the one they want to keep.... this gives farming players some extra RNG attempts and makes getting the shards you need for progression easier... This would also make playing longer and doing consecutive wins more attractive... IMO
  9. Ok so I finally had a chance to play the new content update and please believe me when I say this was a MASSIVE update and overhaul. The protean shift update fundamentally changed the way the game is played and in my opinion for the better. I have been reading a lot of posts from some long time players that are abandoning the game and writing negative reviews after this update. I wanted to take a moment and comment. Are their some large issues with this update, of course, but look at how large the update was. If you have been with DD and Trendy for awhile you will understand that this is typically how it goes and Trendy DOES listen and fix the issues it just takes time. The biggest complaint I see right now is around inventory and people having to pay for vault space. Trendy has already stated they are looking at making inventory management better and I believe them when they say it. My inventory is a NIGHTMARE right now. MOD system: MOD management is beyond a nightmare, there is no easy way for me to see what mods I've collected or what level those mods are without looking at EACH AND EVERY item individually since there is no rhyme or reason to which MODs are on which piece of gear its just RNG. I'm forced to SPEND hours doing inventory management solely for the sake of sorting through hundreds of mod drops to make sure I'm not losing an upgrade on an existing MOD or missing a new mod that may have dropped. !!** KEY POINT HERE **!! The other issue with mods is I don't feel they should be attached to gear. There is one HUGE reasons for this. The cost for moving MODs between equipment is high and requires many hours of game play to get the required materials when you start talking about chaos 7 gear and above. I can't tell you how many times I found better gear to use but it had terrible MODS on it and there was no easy way for for me to take the mods I already collected on my current gear and transfer them to better gear without spending some key resources to perform the transfer and permanently destroying my original piece of gear. This was a fundamental design flaw in my opinion. I hope that trendy takes a close look at this and comes up with a better mechanism for moving MODs around. !!** KEY POINT ABOVE **!! I still LOVE the MOD system. This is just another example of where Trendy needs to make some changes to what is otherwise a fantastic addition to the game. I believe they will get it right. We just need to provide them with some positive critical feedback that will allow them to design the system in a way that is enjoyable to play and does not force players to spend money to enjoy it (vault space etc.) The new change to "Trials" is great! The ability to select which maps you play is HUGE. This was a much needed update Thank you Trendy! Overall I love the update and ask that long time players be patient with Trendy there is a ton of feedback and a lot of game mechanics to look at here and make better. I call on the community to continue to provide quality feedback good or bad and be patient with Trendy while they work through the mountain of comments that inevitably come with an update of this size.
  10. I recommend you watch some online videos on builds for this map. Most likely its a combination of your shards and your build that are giving you problems. I admit sometimes the lane modifiers are not the best .. in that case you roll with it take a defeat and hit the map again with hopefully better lane modifiers. Juicebags has some really good build videos out there and he goes over gear and shards before had so you can see what works best for him and get some ideas for your own builds.
  11. So is it just me or is this weeks bonus mission the first time I have seen one that requires you to be a high level player to complete?????? you can't even access that mission unless your Chaos 7..... Talk about excluding a chunk of players from being able to get this weeks bonus. Has Trendy done this before?
  12. I am currently having trouble on chaos 5 as well as its my first try through it. All I can say is use onslaught mode to grind out a few more floors to et some better gear and make sure you have the proper build to deal with assassins. there are several videos out there that you can watch that explain good builds for dealing wtih chaos 5. My first try I died a TON and didn't last past 1st wave. I ground out a few more floors on onslaught and tried again and this time I made it to wave 3 probably would have made it all the way but I made a foolish mistake.... this is really all you have to do. Watch some videos on good builds follow the pointers they give (hero health etc.) and you will be able to finish it.
  13. I would be willing to go through campaign with you... Always like helping out other defenders ;) It helps support the game and build player base. I belong to a steam group put on by one of the DD2 vets "Juicebags" called "juice nation" its a good group and there are always players playing you can find me there I usually stay logged into chat when i'm playing (Cytek).
  14. Does this error happen with any other games or just DD2? I have seen this before with two specific issues... #1 Antivirus software - make sure you exclude your game directories from your antivirus software as it will sometimes falsely identify and quarantine game files which will result in the "File missing or could not be found" error. #2 Actual bad PC memory - this happens when memory is going bad or has developed bad sections, the game will load into memory and then be lost due to memory corruption and will result in file not found errors, for this purchase some new memory or run a memory test on your PC memory to confirm its working properly and replace if needed.
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