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  1. MOD that stuns assassins is bugged & doesn't work at all currently. Sparkle Party works, but only gives you a few seconds before the next assassin latches on, so that's all about if your RNG is decent with burning strikes or not. Really, the problem with the entire map design is it's difficulty level is entirely RNG based. If the dragon freezes defenses right as mobs reach them, and right as you get swarmed by assassins, and/or if you get super unlucky with burning strikes, there isn't much to do but replay from wave. If you get lucky with timing of the dragon freezes, it's easy.
  2. Tolkmit

    Shard Coins

    Currently, higher Onslaught chests drop a C7 shard, a Campaign shard, and one random shard between the two. To make it less necessary to farm lower floors, at a certain Onslaught floor, I'd suggest having the chest just drop 3 shard coins (or whatever term) and then having a vendor in town/tavern where you can buy whichever level you prefer, one unidentified shard per coin. So if you are targeting a certain shard, instead of just afk farming lower level content, you can push Onslaught and just get shards from whichever chaos level you prefer.
  3. I'd definitely give it a couple weeks before over-writing the MOD. Trendy tends to be pretty good at addressing bugs once they are brought to their attention; but might have a lot of people on holiday vacation right now. I'm at least waiting until after New Years to see if they comment on it before doing anything irrevocable.
  4. Yeah... pretty sure it's bugged. Hopefully Trendy looks into it soon, real waste of a MOD slot right now.
  5. This can be a balance of those who want to play the game but not wanting to get stuck in the reset loop and deal with the burden loot downgrade restrictions but also for those who want to keep the reset aspect. Players who want to keep the reset aspect mostly want it because AP was a major investment, and they don't want other players to get the same benefits without having to make the same investment. (They ignore the benefits of having AP for the last year as what those who didn't make the same investment miss out on.) What you are suggesting would be super developer intensive time wise, not satisfy those who want AP to suck for others because it sucked for them and not offer anything new to those who actually want resets for the sake of resets, because if you just want to fresh start for the challenge of it, you can already start a new hero & only use on level gear. Just eliminating gear resets and leaving it at that would take 1% of the time and offer 99% of the amount of player satisfaction.
  6. I think the chance of them coming out of a chest stayed the same, but players are getting fewer total because of the changes from three to one map per Onslaught floor. Just fewer Onslaught chests being opened overall means fewer C8 Amps in the ecosystem. Pure conjecture though. More 10/10 MODS, and more people having no plans to reset anymore meaning more people using them instead of selling them would make sense too.
  7. Yeah, I added a shackled 9/10, which is supposed to work 86% of the time, after the last update. I'm not sure I've ever seen it work. I don't know if it's bugged or I'm just not seeing it at all when it works.
  8. This. We don't need it to be easier to do low level content while AFK; we need it to not be necessary to do low level content while AFK.
  9. Pointing out not all Incursions have required mid-wave mechanics has nothing to do with the fact Incursions are primarily where that is found, which is the reason the new map is called an Incursion map. Pointing out you can make friends has nothing to do with the fact the game's player-base isn't large enough for the average player to find someone who wants to start the same Onslaught floor around the same time as they do. Pointing out there are ways around the current common complaints is missing the point. The stuff you are suggesting is neither fun, nor accessible to a lot of the player-base. Most players can't just play anytime they want, so finding someone and synching your Onslaught climb to theirs is unrealistic, and avoiding Onslaught unless your friend is on isn't fun. Just like how most players can't put in 40+ hours a week, so just grinding out a bunch of perfect tenacity MODS is unrealistic, and isn't fun; which is why it was brought up. As a way of pointing out just because solutions exist doesn't make them realistic or enjoyable. Negative feedback can still be constructive feedback. Letting Trendy know certain things aren't liked I'm sure sucks for them, but that's not a reason to suggest people shouldn't be posting it. Though I do think it's more helpful if people point out the stuff they do like at the same time as pointing out the stuff they don't. Players not wanting the new map to be in Onslaught might be construed as wanting the game to be easier. But the vast majority of the time, player feedback the last few months hasn't been asking for content to be easier, it's asking for things to be less time consuming. How much time is required is separate from how much skill is required. Asking for the game to require less time isn't asking for an "I win" button.
  10. I wasn't targeting you specifically, you were just the most recent mention of this "remove content from the game because we don't like it" type of post without having to scroll back to find another one, sorry about that if it seemed that way. You don't need this so that post was a complete waste of pixels on the screen, and so may people already know this and don't want to admit that you could very easily climb without perfect anything. Please I'm good at the game but far from tryhard. If Onslaught was a solo mode then I guess Tuben and Reck are playing it wrong by Duoing above 600 or Gelostar and I were doing it wrong when we were duoing floors. Literally makes it 10 times easier being in a duo. Each had to give a tiny bit to play with a friend though. In both case one of the two went down a few floors to get that friend. The Draken Keep is not an incursion map, only a couple of our Incursion at this point are incursion maps, the rest have rules exactly like Onslaught. If you do consider Draken Keep as an incursion then Lost Temple most definitely is an Incursion map, with many special rules in effect at all times. New lanes per wave, random cores, random lane and boss lanes. I don't hear any complaints about that? As a final note stop bringing up the player base count. It helps your argument a total of 0% since you have no idea what is going on. Leave this to Trendy to worry about, unless you can tell me exact numbers for both consoles, who is logging in double accounts, who logs in for 5 mins versus 10 hours, you know the more important statistics. It seems like you don't understand the arguments put forward by other players. For instance, calling it an "Incursion Map" is a simple way of saying a map with required interactive mid-wave mechanics. Something that primarily has existed in Incursions up to this point, which is why most people know what is meant when the new map is referred to as such. Or bringing up the playerbase when discussing the ease of duoing. If there are 999 Onslaught floors, and on average 600 players (or fewer) on at a time for a platform, simple math shows the chances of someone else wanting to start the same Onslaught floor as you around the same time as you are extremely low. Or pointing out getting perfect tenacity on all your defenses is a solution as a way of showing that just because solutions exist doesn't make them fun or accessible to the majority of the playerbase. It's all well and good you disagree with the majority of feedback being given on the forums. But telling people to stop bringing things up or that they are a waste of pixels just because you disagree with them is counter to what Trendy themselves have stated about appreciating feedback.
  11. It's a lot faster to go from level 1 to level 2 than from 49 to 50. It's a lot faster to go from 1 ascension to 2 than from 999 to 1000. It's not a problem to have scaling time commitments in progression systems, it would actually be normal for AP to work that way.
  12. I guess you skipped over my post, it would still cost you time, as well as your progression in Onslaught. I, however, have read all of your posts in this thread, and no where have you established a reason for AP to reset players, just taking it for granted that earning one point in a minor stat upgrade system should have a massive cost beyond what I've pointed out. Even though, this game itself has ascension which works the exact same way, just fine, without gear resets. 99% of games manage to make it work, allowing players to have a linear progression of power. There is no reason this one can't do the same.
  13. Why should AP have a cost? There is no cost to improve your character via gear, shards, or ascension; all of which make a much bigger difference. There is nothing saying AP should have a negative attached to it. Or put another way: time. The price of AP will be exactly like the price of the majority of ways your improve your character in the majority of games, it takes time playing the game to do it. Well here's an idea, what if any C8 items were immune to resets, not just maxed C8? What if all gear were immune to resets?
  14. There are 13 heroes representing 112 gear slots holding 336 MODS. It taking a 2 hours to get the MOD you want would mean 672 hours of gameplay. Expecting to be able to get the specific MODS you want for everything in 4 months of playing the game like it's a full time job seems completely reasonable. It's not like you'll get anywhere near the 565 C8 amps you need over that time period, so you'll still have plenty to do.
  15. Why should AP have a cost? There is no cost to improve your character via gear, shards, or ascension; all of which make a much bigger difference. There is nothing saying AP should have a negative attached to it. Or put another way: time. The price of AP will be exactly like the price of the majority of ways your improve your character in the majority of games, it takes time playing the game to do it.
  16. I refuse to reset until they stop gear from resetting, This happens anyways on occasion. People see your gear score, and expect you to build because it will make everything go faster. Sucks the builder did it at the last second, but wasted his own time as much as yours.
  17. Completely agree. Loot would feel better if it was progression based instead of lottery based. But I don't think they can make that change without radically re-adjusting their playtime goals; and if they do re-adjust playtime goals, I'm not sure it will be necessary. In my opinion, it should take maybe 2000 hours to max out every piece of gear on every hero. That would maxing out one hero every 150ish hours, one piece of gear every 20ish hours, so getting one C8 amp every 4ish hours. Casual players could max out a piece of gear each month, a hero or two over a year. While those playing like it's a full time job could max out a hero each month, and all heroes over a year. Then Trendy just adds a new tier of gear once a year, to keep everyone playing. Instead, it seems like Trendy is aiming for 5-10 times those numbers, to make each C8 amp feel super special. If there was a progression system and players saw just how long it would take to complete anything as numbers currently are, I think it would drive a lot of players away. If they adjust their numbers to be more reasonable, with players getting something like a C8 amp every 4 or so hours, players would feel progress towards improving their hero often enough that a change from lottery to a progression based system might not be necessary. They made some steps towards this with 10/10 MODS every 4 hours (on average). Unfortunately, getting a 10/10 MOD doesn't feel like any sort of progress because it's seldom the MOD you're trying to get. Of course, right now, C8 amps don't feel like progress to a lot of people either because they just sit in your vault anyways, collecting dust thanks to gear resets making it foolish to actually use them until you've completed AP.
  18. Onslaught replaces the need for more Chaos levels IMO. It's a way to become more powerful, and doesn't suffer from becoming boring once you are geared for it the way Chaos levels do and would if they added more of them. Onslaught also already does what you suggest, allowing players to become more powerful as they progress through it. It does it via C8 amps. What I think Trendy should be working on: Remove gear resets from AP. Gear resets are anti-fun. AP floor requirements already scale, so it would make your first few AP easy, but higher ones would still represent a challenge. Don't re-design how it works, just turn off gear resets. Make a decision design wise, then tune resources (especially C8 amps) and difficulty to it. Trendy wants it to be a big moment anytime one C8 amp drops. They also want you to be able to, even have to, use multiple heroes and defenses, especially with the elemental stuff they seem to be heading towards. They need to pick one or the other. Either let players focus on and just use one or two defenses and leave getting a C8 amp a huge moment; or give players enough C8 amps to gear a bunch of different heroes and defenses if you want players to actually use them. Don't need to re-design anything, just loosen the DR numbers, or up the C8 drop rates. Allow large amounts of shard dust to be traded for specific shards. Just add a trader in town who charges dust for shards. Allow higher levels of consumables/components to be traded 1 for 1 for lower level ones. Everything from motes, to amps, to shard dust, to the gear upgrade stuff. Rather than waste time adjusting the system, just add a trader in town who charges certain consumables for other, lower level consumables. Then spend most of the year working on new maps, new heroes, and new enemies, or new modes. Most of the stuff people complain about in game has pretty simple solutions. Do those, then add stuff entirely new. The systems in place now work well. Maybe some numbers will need tweaking. But don't go back and design a whole system to fix the leveling gear and afk grinding for low level mats. Just add a trader to get them from, make the cost new mats, and remove the disliked anyways gear resets forcing people to level gear so much.
  19. So this afternoon I did the new map in a group of 4 six(ish) times, and I'm not sure I got any MODS higher than 5. I wasn't sure, since the couple 6-9 in my bags I believe were from previously, but not positive they all were. So tonight I emptied my bags, did 5 more maps, Onslaught this time, and a single 6 was the only 5+ MOD. Before the update, it felt like I could get a MOD in the 6-9 range a decent clip more often than this. Is this just bad luck, or did the new update remove the buffs to MOD drops in the 6-9 range? I know this is anecdotal evidence, and a small sample; but I get the feeling that when today's update changed the lvl 10 MOD drops to the new system which includes bad luck protection, it also reset the rest of the drop chances for 6-9 to what they were prior to 4.1. Anyone else?
  20. Just low RNG. They added bad luck protection to MODs; so always a chance they will add it to C8 MODS as well.
  21. I mean... they made resets harder, but didn't add any major incentive to doing them, and refuse to remove what keeps many players from doing them at all. They've made people less likely to play AP, not more.
  22. Just turn off gear resets for AP, and spend the dev time on new content instead of designing workarounds to fix the design of old systems. Ultimately, a lot of players aren't going to be happy resetting their gear regardless of the crafting materials issue. The new system will either still leave players pigeon-holed into using one or two defenses for efficiency over and over, thus making the game less fun because of lack of diversity; or it will make leveling your gear easy, in which case it's more efficient use of dev time to just turn off what is causing the players main need to level their gear. Gear resets aren't fun. Don't waste time trying to take them from "super not fun" to just being "really not fun," just take them out entirely and spend the time on making other things that are fun.
  23. No, I'll explain this a little more. These numbers are not accurate, but let's say there are 100 mods that could drop where you are currently playing. You have an EV2 as your only character, shocking revelation is now added to that drop pool, making it 101 mods. Having 4 EV2's will not increase your chance, as it stays at 101 different mods to receive. Except any heroes other than EV2 in your deck add their own specific MODs to the pool as well, correct? So by having 4 EV2's, you keep the pool at 101 MODS, while 4 different heroes gets the pool to 104 MODS. Meaning having 4 of the same hero does increase your chances of receiving MODS for that hero, 1 in 101 as opposed to 1 in 104. (just continuing with your not-actual example numbers) An exception for this specific case being heroes with no relic MODS to add to the relic pool. Barbarian, Gunwitch, 2 EV2's would have the same chance for a shocking revelation (1 in 101) as 4 EV2's. Although this is based on my assumption that the system rolls for what gear drops first, then rolls for what MODS are in it.
  24. It's something we didn't run into our internal builds, everything was working correctly. We weren't kidding when getting Replay from Wave to work on Lost Temple was a technical hurdle, haha. Meh, Trendy is normally pretty good at catching big stuff like this prior to release, but sometimes stuff happens. Good luck figuring out a fix. Keep up the good work.
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