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  1. These suggestions are great, but I think the HP buffs do need to be taken incrementally. We don't want anything to become overpowered.
  2. Make it so that the apprentice guardian and some other pets don't make a noise every 5 seconds
  3. I think that even a small incremental change that makes the non-minions walls more viable in NM would be a step in the right direction, even if they aren't usable for the highest levels of survival mode.
  4. Please refer to these two threads for hopeful answers to your questions: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/148906/checking-and-installing-amd-fix-if-neccessary https://steamcommunity.com/app/65800/discussions/0/1620600279654375855/ The post by Unahzaalse Vokun in the Steam forums is what worked for me. Good luck!
  5. Disagree with nerfing the EV physical beams, they are the only wall that even hold in it's current state in nightmare. I also disagree with changing the way the Sharken works, nerfing Minions, and boosting slice n' dice DPS. I like the new unique traits being added to all the towers. I would prefer a simpler change of giving magic blockade, spike blockade, bouncer, and slice n' dice all a boost of health in addition to those traits I think the rankings should remain the same as the above post by Caimen0, but everything should have MORE health.
  6. Some things that I would like to add/agree on would be based on the viability of other towers, and adding new strategies (buffing towers but not to the extreme that lightning towers have been buffed, more like incremental changes). Bowling Ball Towers - I agree with making the DU cost of bowling ball towers lower. They are not able to pierce in a straight line like harpoons, have a very tiny cone of attack, and can't attack air units. This leads to only have specific use cases. I know they got a slight DPS boost in a previous update with the attack animation scaling better, but I think the lowered DU cost would see them implemented in other builds. Because of this specific use I think the lowered DU cost adds some balance without making these overpowered. I'd also be in favor a slight boost to damage or a slight boost to the knockback effect as an alternative or in addition. Spike Blockade - Reducing cost of DU here too. The EV physical barrier at 5 DU has way more health than spike blockade, and it will cost 6 DU to cover the same area. I know that spike blockades have damage, but in nightmare they are not being used for their damaging effects. Magic Blockade - Low cost of 1 DU, give it a slight buff to HP? Should still be below a spike blockade though Magic Missile Tower - Single tower DPS, was given a slight buff in previous patch. Another small buff for this tower? Seems like there aren't many builds using this. Fireball Tower - Give this tower a slight increase in the splash damage radius it creates? Darkness Trap - Use cases seem to be very very rarely. Any chance the duration that the enemy loses the target can be increased (slightly more useful against Ogres then)? It also doesn't seem to work on Djinn or Sharken and barely works on Ogres half the time. Maybe a decrease in DU cost here too? Either way, not sure if even these changes would make it that great. Enrage Aura - Decrease DU cost. Any other way to make these a little more useful? I'm only advocating for smaller incremental changes to make things better, not to make things completely overpowered. Hoping to make things more interesting or have more variety in builds or ideas.
  7. I would try downloading the registry keys from this guide, it shows your exact problem: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=364802498#494158
  8. I am also having this same issue since the update
  9. Thanks so much for all your hard work on this! Amazing that this game is still receiving updates, looking forward to trying out the new maps soon.
  10. 100% agree with this, never understood why it wouldn't be sold for full cost on the same build phase.
  11. I actually had this same issue, installing the keys from this worked for me: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/142334/installing-prequsites-problem
  12. This is awesome news! Looking forward to playing the new patch after the holidays.
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