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  1. They also said they're working on a tool to transfer Legacy characters to the open mode. It's nice that they have actually addressed the complaints somewhat, rather than ignoring it completely. It would be cool if they added in pet skins too, maybe EA / Beta players could have special pet skins or something.
  2. So, considering the scummy release, what compensation are us early backers going to get? Promised no wipe, technically didn't wipe but may as well have. I could have saved 150 hours and just loaded cheat engine to be maxed in 2 minutes on 'legacy' mode. Promised no price change, instantly drop the price on release, AND put it on sale for extra salt in the wound. Had I known about this I wouldn't have bought in EA - the main reason I bought in early was because it was like £20 rather than the £40 it was supposed to be on release. Most of the 1.0 features promised are missing.
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