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  1. Obviously a quick google search shows that this has been brought up many times before and even responded to by someone that looked like a trendy employee (name surrounded in red). But I did notice its been several month since its been brought up. I'm not going to go into a super detail problem / solution post this has been done before by much more eloquent people. I think the problem boils down to 2 main issues in my opinion. Those being: 1. A large portion of the shards in the game just aren't very useful be it because your not using that hero to dps or if you already have one of that specific shard. 2. Power transfer (just using it as an example since its the one I'm currently hunting) seems to be the best shard on almost every single damage dealing defense (I'm sure there are exceptions but every single combination I've tried always comes out with higher dps if there is a PT in it) and it has a roughly 3% drop rate assuming that all the shards have the same drop rate. Thats an absurd amount of play time assuming it actually even drops 3% of time for you which hasn't been my experience. I guess my question is if anyone has any more current information as to if this is being addressed soon or if there is a reason its being ignored?
  2. Fair enough. I should have worded the title a little better. I'm just tired of stuff like that. And I do appreciate difficulty. It just seems a little BS some of the stuff they throw in there. Just like lady orcs. You can double wall you can camp lanes it doesn't matter occasionally one is going to magically get passed your walls and kill the crystal in 2-3 hits and there is no amount of skill that can over come it. And I'm not talking about phase lanes. I'm aware of those. This was happening before onslaught and continues to happen in onslaught.
  3. You're not wrong. They are obviously still there (I posted that in my original post). But I don't think they should be.
  4. Basically what I mean is a geode boss spawning in a cybork lane or a cybork boss spawning in a geode/vanguard lane. Most of the time you can catch it in time especially with the cyborks but having a lane that hasn't had problems the entire game get instantly wiped because a counter-boss has spawned doesn't seem right. I really like how onslaught determines spawns by lane instead of chaos tier which allows more towers to be used, but I really hope they fix/change the way those bosses spawn.
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